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Solve simply. Be driven to improve. Teach. Have fun.
Solve simply. Be driven to improve. Teach. Have fun.

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Watson, of course, is not the only member of this super-smart AI crowd. Amazon has been running remote high-performance computing services, for instance. Google has expanded its AI-powered service in such areas as natural language and machine vision.

Yet this is only the first wave. We can expect others will make these kinds of services even more widely available, plus the high-end will keep moving up. In five or ten years, perhaps we’ll be talking about how marketing is affected by remotely available quantum computing.

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Well, if there is a substantial Snapchat-to-Instagram exodus happening, girls and young women do not seem to be a major part of it, per Episode’s new data. The mobile-minded content network polled 50,070 of its viewers who are mostly females aged between 13 and 25, of which 69 percent said their Snapchat usage has not declined since Instagram Stories went live.

“[It’s] a promising sign that the app’s core Gen Z audience is still engaged and doesn’t seem to be swayed by the surge in users from older audiences,” said Michael Dawson, Episode’s head of studios. “Based on the data we are seeing, young consumers are still keen on Snapchat.”

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Marketing technology company Marketo calls this new world the Engagement Economy… where everyone and everything is connected and where marketing has taken on the new role of driving the customer experience. It’s no longer a matter of creating marketing strategies for customer acquisition or customer retention. Those concepts are outdated. Instead, the brands that succeed are the ones that manage engagement across the entire customer lifecycle.

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It's simple: If you want to be rich, you can't ignore potential revenue streams. If your company is on social media, then you need to be, too. Having a presence isn’t just about the convenience of technology, but capitalizing on a cultural shift happening across the world.

This shift isn’t mysterious. When people want to make sure that brands share their own values, they check out the leader of that company directly. You’d research a product before buying it, so why wouldn’t you research the CEO before committing new products or services? This has never been more important for business-to-business (B2B) companies, in particular.

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DA is measured on a scale of 1 to 100. The closer you are to 100, the more traffic and better ranking you’ll have.

But a low DA can result in huge losses of traffic and ranking. That’s why it’s important to have a good DA.

I see lots of people having trouble changing their DA and that’s because it’s somewhat of a long-term process. You can’t just make a couple of changes and expect your DA to skyrocket.

However, there are actionable steps you can take to improve your DA. It won’t happen overnight, but it’ll happen faster than you think.
I’ve put together this plan that helped one of my clients increase their DA by 5 points in just 2 weeks. Take it from me. This plan works.

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To truly maximize your Facebook ads, you need to understand the purpose behind each campaign, the intent, and the measures you'll use to calculate their success (or failure).

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Snap here. Snap there. Snap everywhere — especially in stores.

Snapchat, the disappearing messaging turned mobile storytelling app, released a new ad product Wednesday that is a quick swipe at Facebook's big offer to advertisers and retailers: online to offline conversions.

That's jargon for Snapchat's pitch to help retailers get more products off their shelves and prove to them that ads on Snap helped create the magic behind those sales.

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Google has added a new shopping feature in Image Search called “style ideas” that shows users perusing fashion merchandise what specific items look like paired with others.

A preview of the feature, launching in mobile search, demonstrates a search for a purse from Zara. Below the carousel of products similar to the purse is a grid of photos of various models pairing the purse with a jean jacket, gray suede boots and a pastel pink hijab.

The new feature is clearly aimed at getting people looking at products to think of Google as a place to start shopping searches — and to use it instead of shopping portals like Amazon or eBay.

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There are many factors in this survey that I’d consider table stakes. To get a seat at the rankings table, you must at least have these factors in order. Then there are the factors which I’d consider competitive difference-makers. These are the factors that, once you have a seat at the table, will move your rankings beyond your competitors. It’s important to note that you need BOTH. You probably won’t rank with only the foundation unless you’re in an extremely low-competition market, and you definitely won’t rank if you’re missing that foundation, no matter how many links you have.

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Instagram recently announced a new feature informally named “collections” that allows users to aggregate ten photos or videos into one post. In the Instagram app, the post appears as a swipeable gallery effectively linking sets of related photos and videos for easy consumption.
Collections is a pretty awesome new feature for a social network that appears to be second only to its parent network in usage (according to Pew Internet at least), and that boasts engagement metrics either superior to or slightly lower than Facebook, depending on who you believe.
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