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Does your content include these 3 key elements? 
Discover three questions to ask when creating your next piece of content to ensure it hits the mark and delivers the results you are looking for. 

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So You’re Serious About Your Business? That’s Not What Your Logo Says…

Your logo is the representation of your brand at a glance. A mere glimpse of your logo should provoke positive emotions and instant recognition. It is your calling card and your badge of honour. It announces your presence like an “I was here” or “I am here” or “I will be here” identifier tag.

In other words, it is something you want to get right.

This week's blog article is choc-full of ideas, tips, and inspiration on how to design an effective logo for your business.

Click the link to read more!

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What exactly does it mean when a designer, printer or suppler asks you to “please supply to our artwork specifications”? No idea?
Understanding the requirements behind artwork specifications will enable you to avoid disaster and make sure the finished product lives up to your expectations.

This week’s blog post clears up the meaning behind some of the most common artwork specification terms and includes some handy tips and reminders to help you when working with a designer, printer or supplier.

Happy Reading!

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What does "Be a man" mean to you? This is one thought provoking video. #BeAMan   #wordassociation   #makesyouthink   #inspiration  

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It's not a digital book, it's not an ebook... it's a bookbook. LOVE this clever and sassy new ad by Ikea!  #bookbook   #creative   #advertisting  

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The four important things you need to consider before deciding between digital and offset - quality, quantity, budget and timeframe.

Understanding industry lingo when working with printers and designers can help you save $$$ by making informed decisions. Read more on the PJem Creative blog :)

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DO YOU SPEAK DESIGNER? Speaking the same language or at least trying to, goes a long way when building productive relationships - in any group or industry.
Click the link below to read up on some of the most common colour terms you may come across when working with a designer - print or digital - in layman's terms :)

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...late night doodling. Are you on the PJem Creative mailing list yet? Click the sign up button above or visit to sign up!

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Do it now! You know you want to :)

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Don't wait for things to happen - happen to things. #SmartMan   #LeoSaidIt   #DaVinci   #quoteoftheday   #inspiration  

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela.
On the blog today, some tips to help you get started! #education #learning #tips #smartenough #quoteoftheday
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