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Josh Baldwin
PHEXID (Places He EXplores In Dreams)
PHEXID (Places He EXplores In Dreams)


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Some of my recent pics, all shot with Cannon T3i, edits with apps on my iPod such as "mextures" "pic fx" "afterlight" "snapseed" and "vsco cam" please enjoy! #photography #ottawa #canada #Cannon
T3i shots and edits
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Been a while since I have posted something here, so I thought I would share this shot of the sunset on the Ottawa river. Please enjoy and if you want to see more follow me on Instagram

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3k subs and just over 4 million views! Thanks to all who watched and shared! #PlacesHeEXploresInDreams #YouTube

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Not getting the point/cause behind the "no makeup selfies" going around on FB? Take a quick read and you may be surprised to learn how it started!

Martial Law... Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you! #truth #nwo

Warm cuddles available at discount prices!

I block about 4-5 ppl each day I log in here. Why do I do that? Because there are far too many idiots who think tagging random ppl in their posts will generate feedback, when in fact it pisses me off and makes me want to reach through the google server and choke your ass out! Have a nice day!

"Heard you been sending dick picks to chicks online?"
"I use to."
"I ain't hating on you... So do I. Difference is when they look at yours they roll their eyes, to view mine they gotta use the scroll on the side." #PatStay aka Sucka Free Boss! #battlerap #kotd #champ

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Views stuck at 301! Any of my #YouTube pals have this issue lately? #youtube #views #glitch #video #rapbattle #battlerap #hiphop #hhc

Listen when I say this. Do not hide things from ppl you care for, it's only gonna burn you in the end.
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