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Shrijit Nair
A Linux afficionado and a musical human being trying every bit to promote Open source, FOSS
A Linux afficionado and a musical human being trying every bit to promote Open source, FOSS


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The leaf !

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What a great news !
Paranoid Android 2016 Launch

We are launching brand spanking fresh. All new features. New team members. New everything and we have made sure that everything that we are releasing has been polished to our best.

The main features and enhancements that you will probably end up noticing are our custom Quick Settings tile reordering functionality, floating window support, immersive mode, the new on-the-spot interface and CM Theme Engine.

Quick Settings tiles can be managed with ease - you can reorder the tiles by simply long pressing them, remove them by dropping them in the trash bin and add them back in from the add panel. The hidden tiles will be out of your way when checking the notifications but will still be usable from the add panel without any hassles if you want to do that all of a sudden.

You can make an application float either by long pressing a notification and tapping the floating button or by tapping the floating button for the application in the recents list. Additionally, you can make peeking (heads-up) notifications open floating windows by enabling that behavior in the "Floating peek" tile.

Those are not the only changes and features we have added. There are a variety of improvements to CAF devices (OnePlus, OPPO and others) which add custom kernels, advanced gesture and buttons control and more to provide a great experience on those devices. Of course we have spent a lot of attention on making all the visual details look right and on making all the functionality work right.

Over the months we have gained a bunch of new team members. We are now ready for all varieties of work - be it low level, aesthetics, user experience, motion design, testing or anything in-between. What we strive for is the best and we are stronger than ever to reach that.

On Paranoid Android 2016 launch we are supporting popular Nexus devices (6P, 5X, 6, 5, 4, 7 2013, 9) and the OnePlus family (One, 2, X) along with some Sony devices. The lineup is this way to make sure we release the best possible experience on all the devices we release for. No compromises, pure greatness.

We highly recommend everyone to use BANKS GApps package (hold off on OpenGapps for now, we have heard some complaints). Nexus 6P users need to make sure their vendor partitions are up-to-date (6.0.1). Our Nexus 5X builds come with a prebuilt vendor image so no worries for you folks!

There is more to come in #aospa2016 but for now, grab your builds at and #stayparanoid!

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Finally COS 13 on The One !
Say hello to Marshmallow, OnePlus One users! Android M is now available. Read more at:

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Interesting !
Welcome to the OnePlus One, Ubuntu! Find out what you need to do to get Ubuntu up and running on your OnePlus One here:

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This blog echoes much of my views on Apple, especially Mac OS X. I was so happy on my 2GB RAM Thinkpad T61 effortlessly running Linux, that my Macbook Pro which has top of the line specs with 8x more RAM feels like I have gone back to 1990's ! Missing Linux on Thinkpad :(

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Super rare Nikon 2000mm f/11 now available on ebay for $32,777 only :)

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So, this is how Cyanogen dumped Oneplus in India. (Read Email excerpts below) Don't know why Cyanogen thinks that they invented Android. I really wish Carl hires some engineers from Cyanogen to work on a custom Cyanogenmod for Oneplus, after all CM is Open Source and will be an Open Source as long as Android is Open. Honestly speaking, there are tons of ROMS and Kernels on XDA and CM is "JUST" one of them.
Carl (CEO, Oneplus) - I’m guessing there’s some misunderstanding. Shall we talk about it during your visit in December?
Kirt (CEO, Cyanogen) - Carl. We will be terminating our relationship with one plus. I will get back to you with more details shortly. No misunderstanding. We have no reason to meet in sz [Shenzhen]. We are terminating.
#oneplusone #cyanogenmod #cyanogen #oneplus

Just got a Oneplus and rooted it straight away. Difficult to be without Xposed :)
Procedure to root on Mac  (Please backup data)
1) Setup adb and fastboot on Mac -Fire this from terminal -
bash <(curl
2) adb devices (you should be able to find your device here)
3) adb reboot bootloader
4) fastboot oem unlock (will wipe all data)
5) After phone reboots, adb reboot bootloader
6) fastboot flash recovery <recovery file>
7) fastboot reboot
8) Copy SuperSU zip file to your phone using "Android File Transfer".
9) Boot phone to recovery and install the zip file.

All set :)

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The Pi-Top Kit provides a basis to expand your knowledge in hardware and software innovation. Build and understand your own Raspberry Pi Model B+ powered laptop. We take you through each component and its functionality, so that you can use the Pi-Top as a tool for your own build projects in the future. 
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