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Scott W. Bundschuh
Author, Historian, Freelance Writer, Blogger, Webmster & Freelance Photographer
Author, Historian, Freelance Writer, Blogger, Webmster & Freelance Photographer


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New Kindle Edition
Great Lakes Keepers, Surfmen & Coast Guardsmen: “Discuss Their Military Careers, Heroics & Tragedies”   Kindle Edition $7.99 I have just release my first eBook Kindle Edition on Amazon. The paperback version of the ebook will be available on Amazon in the n...

For those of you who receive the "Great Lakes Pilot Newspaper" I'm happy to report I've submitted three new articles that will appear in Newspaper. First one will be just after the New year and it will be on AuSable Lighthouse and the following next two months there will be two articles on Holland (Macatawa) Lifesaving Station.

In the coming weeks I have two magazines (Inland Seas and Keeper's Log) publishing a couple of my new stories.

Right after the New Year - 2018, as one of the contributing writers for the Great Lakes Pilot Newspaper, I will have a new Michigan Light-Station story in January's publication. The Article Title is: Au Sable Point Light-Station - Amended “Our Lives as Keeper’s in Charge of An Isolated Light.”

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I've update my Website, please come take a look.

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Herbert “Toots” Winfield
“My Odd Life & Turbulent Service Record” H erbert
Jolie Winfield’s life story has many twists and turns starting with his birth
in 1879. His trouble life continued even through his natural life. Winfield’s
life story is really interesting and the events in ...

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Erie & Michigan Railway & Navigation Company (Part -2)
Talk a Little About 45 Years of Service” P art- 2 of
this story revolves around some additional research, I did on Otto Bismarck
Englisch, Vice President, General Manager &
Director, Hewitt Boice, Chairman of the Board, Chas
B. Brown, President, King...

I've spent sometime change the way my blog ( looks and I have also update a number of stories within the blog pages. There are also some stories that have appeared from January of 2017 to August of 2017 in the Great Lakes Pilot Newspaper. Enjoy and have a great day.

I wrote a quick questionnaire titled: Questions about Herbert "Toots" Winfield. Since it's original publication date I have taken sometime to update and retitle it as: Questions about Herbert "Toots" Winfield - Updated 6-28-17. Come check out the updates on my blog page titled: GREAT LAKES LIGHTHOUSE HISTORIAN.

If you can answer some of my questions, please send me your responses to:

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Harbor Refuge Light-Stations at Sand Beach
“A Look Back in history” – PART one By: Scott W. Bundschuh             A s an author and
historian of the Great Lakes, there are subjects or events that inspire me to
write about or have them published for those who enjoy reading my newspaper
column or my b...

There are people in the world that come into your life for many reasons, but there are people who you truely call family. Through those experiences I have many and some so close that the word family takes on whole new meaning. In the next few days I will begin sharing with you one who I truely call: "Son." He is one of those "Son's" who is part of my family circle. Has came into my life and touched me, and those who know him in many ways. He served his country and experience more then anyone of us could ever imagine. What makes him special is even through all that he has seen and experience he has truely touch all of our lives in one way or another. As a tribute to him and his fall comrades, In the coming week, I will begin publishing his poems on a very special and newly created google blog page called: "A Soldier Thoughts." He is truely gifted and his writings come from the heart.

To all of those brave men and women who have served this great country of ours, please aceept my: "Thanks." You all have made this the land of the free and the home of the brave. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY"
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