Do you have a computer? That might land you in jail!

If the European Union has its way...

"Possessing or distributing hacking software and tools would also be an offence, and companies would be liable (...)The proposal, which would update existing EU legislation on cyber attacks, was approved with by 50 votes in favour, 1 against and 3 abstentions." (Edit with relevant link:

This is what happens when people that have no idea of how the Internet works decide to legislate about it. Any computer can be considered a hacking tool since operating systems has built-in tools that allow you to do several things network wise. Any browser can be considered a hacking tool as well

This MUST be stopped and we are working on a way to respond to this

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As I mentioned in another comment ... Another situation where they failed to include "nerds" when writing this.

Will they ever learn? /epicfacepam
That is moronic and a demonstration of Thought Crimes. How long till it's illegal for the public to own a computer because they don't like what we do with it?
can't forget that this will not stop hackers, and their jobs will be much easier without legal means to stop hacking :D
The more Governments interfere with basic Freedoms the worse it will get. Remember, one man's trash is another's treasure. We are FREE to ignore or hit the delete key. Don't ask governments to control anything, as they will continue until they control EVERYTHING!
We should all hack government computers and fill ever spare byte of space with hacking tools and laugh as cameron is sent to jail... as if...
What? So what if you have these tools in order to P-test your own system to make sure REAL hackers can't get in!? Are they saying that it's now illegal to protect yourself?

And what about educating yourself? Thousands of people research hacking and techniques and never actually practice it, does that mean that they're breaking the law for possessing knowledge?

This is damned close to a book burning IMO.
hack != crack, don't forget it... As it's written, it says that if I have a notepad installed, i'm offending the law :~
Given that guns are illegal in many parts of the EU, why yes in fact they do ban protecting yourself.
+Dan Bowkley What does this have to do with guns? Are you seriously comparing port scanners to firearms?
The only important hacking tool is one's brain. But looks like it's already illegal to possess one for EU legislators.
Again, it seems they're working towards banning self-education. We're already fed with so much BS at school that they're obviously trying to control us that way. And from the apparent intelligence of many of us in the UK it's working.
+Bruno Markovic actually there are many similarities. Both can do great damage if used for evil; both are just a tool, an inanimate object that does absolutely nothing until you point it at something and pull the trigger. Both can be used to prevent harm or cause harm. Both are used by law enforcement to do good things, and can be used by criminals to do bad things.

And apparently banning both of them is considered a good idea by certain retarded people.
So any company that wants to check their OWN computers for vulnerabilities can go to jail?

Have they even HEARD of White Hat Hacking?

If you install a password cracker on your computer to check your password's real strength (as anyone with a brain knows the non-brute-force methods of checking a password's security are far from accurate.)

How about if you want to test the software you write for vulnerability to stack overflows? Is the software to do this illegal?

If you make hacking your own equipment illegal, only criminals will know how to hack. This creates a VERY dangerous world as nobody but criminals will know how to protect computers from hacking, and I'm not trusting a criminal to secure my network.

This is why you should NEVER put ANYONE but a computer expert in charge of computer legislation.
As a note, almost every single hardened Linux Distro would be illegal under this, because they contain John the Ripper in order to test password strength, and tools to brute force test cryptography key strength before the use of the keys. A very standard practice.

How are you suppose to defend against something that you are forbidden to even learn about? Seriously? What's next, it's illegal to learn psychology because it can be used for by con men to commit fraud?
+Robert Ruedisueli , I guess their retarded logic goes like this: after this law has passed, there is no hacking, so you don't have to secure or check your computers. Endless sysadmins and users, weeping from gratitude, bring the lawmakers flowers and chocolates. The end.
The thing is, the entire governmental system is flawed in this way. Talk to anyone who's a farmer, or a miner, and they'll tell you similar stories.People who have no idea how to do anything other than talk, making rules that affect the abilities of the people who run the country to do their jobs.
Yes the people in charge are so out of it, they don't have a clue.
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