Help Shape Australia's Copyright Regime

Australians, you have an opportunity to have a say in the laws being made to deal with copyright. There's a list of questions to answer: and they want these submitted to before 16 November 2012.

It might derail TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership's intellectual property chapter contains some very harsh restrictions, even with fair use factored in. By making a case for reform in the opposite direction, you could make it difficult for your government to sign it.

Don't let the opportunity pass

This is your chance to take some responsibility for the way your country's laws are made. Encourage other people to get involved. Too many people have convinced themselves that there is no hope and they're not being listened to. Well here's your chance to have a say. Make the most of it, and invite your families and friends to join in. If enough people take part, we can make a change for the better.

Read + Share + Share again + Get involved = Make a difference!
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