President Obama threatens veto of CISPA
According to a statement from +The White House, if CISPA reached President +Barack Obama's desk in its current form, he would veto the bill. As we posted previously, the administration expressed its displeasure with CISPA, but today's statement are their strongest words to date.

CISPA, says the White House, would allow the government and the intelligence community unfettered access to Americans’ personal information and data, sacrificing individuals’ personal privacy and civil liberties. The White House also believes that CISPA would allow private companies to share users’ information with one another — unhindered by adequate supervision or transparency — while simultaneously shielding them from lawsuits that spring up as a result of that information sharing. #CISPA is still expected to easily pass the Republican controlled House on Friday, but then it will have to go before the Senate, which is under control of the Democrats. Ah, politics!!

For the entire statement, see the main link below. For more juicy details, the possible effects of the plethora of amendments, as well as reactions from the sponsors, please see +Alex Fitzpatrick's report at +Mashable

More at +Forbes:

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