This Internet provider pledges to put your privacy first. Always.

"The ISP would not merely employ every technological means at its disposal, including encryption and limited logging, to protect its customers. It would also -- and in practice this is likely more important -- challenge government surveillance demands of dubious legality or constitutionality."

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I'd go with this provider even if I have to pay 50% more. Please roll out in the bay area.
Seriously I don't know how the others expect to compete. Any idiot can see that as soon as one other provider said that they'd support privacy, every customer would go to them, leaving who they're already with.
+Shaun Orwell , I expect they (time warners and comcasts) will compete offering lower prices and "exclusive premium content", which will work for a large percentage of population. Or, even better, they will "compete" by being an exclusive cable provider for your area...
Good for you, Nathan. Unfortunately, the big providers are affiliated with movie studios. FCC does not mind the obvious conflict of interest when they are in the business of providing you access to the internet and, at the same time, have vested interest in restricting you to the content they sell you...
I like to read about people taking action towards user privacies and rights...
This is how capitalism works. Bravo and where do I sign up.
I reposted this link, and one question has come up: where can we find information about the bylaws and corporate structure of the Calyx Institute? Their advisory board is listed here -- -- but I don't see anything else about their corporate registration. They seem to be based in New York, but a search of the NY corporate registration database -- -- doesn't turn up anything that looks like them.

This is significant because it is possible for companies founded with good intentions to become subverted by manipulation from outside -- and a company with a mission like Calyx's will certainly attract the interest of some powerful players. We need to be able to see what their corporate structure is in order to have some idea of what precautions they have taken to prevent any sort of hostile takeover. least, that's my understanding from having talked with others more experienced in this area.
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