Is CISPA just SOPA renamed?
You've probably heard about the many versions of Cybersecurity legislation winding their way through Congress... at last count there were close to 30! One of them is the "Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011" or CISPA. Some bloggers and smaller news services have labeled it as "New SOPA" and as another attempt to censor, regulate, and control our Internet. It's broad and vague language does leave a lot for interpretation, but that is the state that many of these Cybersecurity, and similar bills are at this stage. Eventually, after multiple committees, markups, amendments and changes, they'll all be blended together into one single document that is more specific.

Instead of posting thoughts and opinions from various sources, we're posting the actual pending legislation and info regarding it below. We invite you to read it for yourself and let us know what you think you see. As the Spring and Summer move ahead, we'll continue to monitor all of the Cybersecurity legislation, and keep you aware of it's progress... and warning flags. If there is any other pending legislation in Congress that you would like us to look at, just let us know.

A comprehensive Cybersecurity bill is going to pass soon, probably within the next year. Let's stay alert!

HR 3523 Bill Summary and Status:

HR 3523 Bill Text:

...and Google "CISPA" or "HR 3523"

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