Is CISPA just SOPA renamed?
You've probably heard about the many versions of Cybersecurity legislation winding their way through Congress... at last count there were close to 30! One of them is the "Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011" or CISPA. Some bloggers and smaller news services have labeled it as "New SOPA" and as another attempt to censor, regulate, and control our Internet. It's broad and vague language does leave a lot for interpretation, but that is the state that many of these Cybersecurity, and similar bills are at this stage. Eventually, after multiple committees, markups, amendments and changes, they'll all be blended together into one single document that is more specific.

Instead of posting thoughts and opinions from various sources, we're posting the actual pending legislation and info regarding it below. We invite you to read it for yourself and let us know what you think you see. As the Spring and Summer move ahead, we'll continue to monitor all of the Cybersecurity legislation, and keep you aware of it's progress... and warning flags. If there is any other pending legislation in Congress that you would like us to look at, just let us know.

A comprehensive Cybersecurity bill is going to pass soon, probably within the next year. Let's stay alert!

HR 3523 Bill Summary and Status:

HR 3523 Bill Text:

...and Google "CISPA" or "HR 3523"

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It's SOPA on steroids. All hands on deck. Battle stations. Present phones. Ready... aim... call your representatives and remind them this is an election year!
To me they are just going to keep reskining these some laws intell one of them passes. No matter what we do one will be passed. We can not stop it!!!!
We can if we keep the pressure on. They fear exposure and keep saying, "Don't be SOPA'd."

Remember how we brought SOPA down? This is an election year. Call your rep and say, "Keep the internet free or I'm voting for the opposition." Then vote for the Greens or whatever.

Remember also that they thought the SOPA debacle was a flash in the pan. They think we're like kitties and are easily distracted by shiny things. Let's show them we're on to them and we know what they're up to.
We did it before, we can do it again!
How to know if an Internet bill should be passed:

Is the MAFIAA lobbying to pass it? Yes? Then don't.
Please tell your rep they will be SOPA'd 24/7 if they pay the slightest bit of attention to those wankers.
There's a link in the above Bill Summary with a list of sponsors (106), as well as other information that could be useful to understanding the full process, including it's current status.
Yep. They're lumping common file-sharing with cyber security, so in their minds downloading a torrent file = DDoS attack = hacking and defacing websites. They can't tell the difference. Did you see that stuff about the damage to the economy? That's how it's being sold to the politicians: IP enforcement is necessary because not enforcing it means people end up unemployed because the pirates downloaded stuff without paying for it in any way, shape or form.

What they're missing is that it's not about us wanting freebies in a flower-powered internet. It's about the content creators wanting to maintain an outdated business model instead of making their content available to experience in multiple ways at a reasonable price.

+MG Siegler wrote about being "force to pirate against his will" recently. Nobody is forced to pirate, they just choose to grab it now instead of waiting for a year or so when the content they want becomes available via official channels.

The ease and availability of pirated content makes it an option for people and that's why it's so prevalent. Big Content has elected to address this by locking down the internet and trying to force us to experience their products they way they want us to in defiance of market forces. It's backfiring so they're getting government muscle behind it instead of making profit-sharing deals with the pirates and file-sharing companies, which would solve the problem and keep the internet free.

Complicating the issue is Big Security, which has a lot to gain by offering enforcement services, so there's more than one side to this. By getting everyone rattled and giving them an enemy to focus on (us, including non-torrent-sharing people), they create an environment in which the government feel forced to bring in laws to protect the IP people because they think it's a bigger source of revenue than it is, which creates a mutual whack-a-mole where they bring up legislation and we fight it off, so they bring up more legislation and we fight it off... you get the idea.
I think at this point it'd be best to wait and see which bill becomes the likely one. We don't want to call our representatives so often that they tune us out. Also, it could get shot down in committee.
+Matthew Saltzman +100!! EXACTLY! They know we're paying attention, but with close to 30 bills in various stages that have the word "Cybersecurity" in them, there's still much wrangling, wheeling and dealing ahead. This particular bill can't come to a vote in it's present form, but after the elections, one bill will come to a consensus between parties and chambers. I'm looking forward to see what it actually says. No doubt a Cybersecurity bill is going to pass, but I'm going to observe and monitor until it's all least close to going final. Also, it's a fact that many reps will sponsor a bill without reading it (see SOPA).

We'll see what happens... If I have to start calling, then I will.
+Roger R.H. King You are absolutely right. When we know more about the specifics of the bill that is likely to be voted on and passed, then it'll be time to mobilize and call/sign petitions/raise awareness. If we start doing that now, they'll just use a different bill. We have to act at the right time. I 100% agree with you!
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