Who wants Global SOPA?

ITIF does. Funded by the MPAA, they are pushing for support of IP maximalism in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. In their report, they say,

But while the TPP has the potential to be a model 21st century free trade agreement, it will only become so if it both includes and holds the nations that sign it to the very highest standards, including those regarding intellectual property rights (IPR) protection; liberalized trade in services; transparency and openness in government procurement practices; restrictions on preferential treatment toward state-owned enterprises (SOEs); elimination of a host of non-tariff barriers (NTBs), including barriers to foreign direct investment (FDI); and at least equal, if not greater, emphasis on enforcement as on market access.


Emphasis on enforcement

Think about what this means. Now think about the Dotcom case. The O'Dwyer case. Dajaz1 and those websites that were seized and returned with no explanation. That's what it looks like and they want even more. Remember the "infringement prevention" clauses in ACTA? In practice, our ISPs would be expected to retain data and police our use of the internet.

Doublethink or NLP?

In their greed and presumption they really haven't thought this through. From the document:

If the TPP is to become more than just another trade agreement for countries to join that they then proceed to ignore the parts they don’t like, the countries participating must fully renounce mercantilist practices—such as discriminatory government procurement practices, standards or currency manipulation, imposition of NTBs, inadequate protection of IP rights, etc.—and truly open their economies to market-based trade.

Erm, "mercantilism" requires that you take a pro-merchant stance... unless they're using "mercantilism" in the same way as "racism." Well that's a bit of  a stretch, but i's the only context in which that paragraph makes any sense. You've got to laugh at the idea that failing to give them what they want is bigotry against companies, but that seems to be the line they're taking here.

Ultimately, it would be a mistake for the United States to enter into a sub-standard TPP that offers only weak IP protections or that permits countries to maintain their mercantilist practices; doing so would in fact be far worse than not joining the agreement.

This word choice continues to push the reader into thinking that the most thoroughly modern trade agreement must put corporate interests above those of the municipal authorities and national governments of the countries involved and subordinate their populations to the profit margins of the intellectual property rights rent collectors. This is not acceptable. Contact your representatives and let them know that we don't want SOPA in any way, shape, or form, and certainly not via a trade agreement that has no Congressional oversight.

Read + Share + Contact your representatives = Stop TPP!
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