EU Commission: "We Need More Surveillance!"

The trouble with all-pervasive surveillance is that it requires a large staff to collate the information gathered and work out what to do with it. The EU Commission, therefore, has decided in its infinite wisdom that we need more surveillance to justify the amount of surveillance we have already. In the middle of an austerity-driven recession.

Precognition technology?

New techniques for intelligent analysis of data will allow recognizing such situations, and giving alert before it is too late. The objective is also to recognise danger events that could lead to terrorist attacks (e.g. left luggage at an airport, automatic recognition of dangerous tools). The definitions of situations and their parameters will be provided by police department.

Oh, well that's alright, then. The people who want to treat us like potential criminals will decide what constitutes a pre-terror incident. It'll be Minority Report, but with CCTV instead of bald people with psychic powers.

It's for the kids

Nope, no copyright enforcement or overreach here. Move along now, nothing to see. About that:

In the area of “Threat Detection in Computer Networks” the research focuses on identification of sources which distribute child pornography, or information related to the illegal trade in human organs.

Well that's all right, then. Wait, there's more:

One of the main tools developed within this category is INACT, a system for rapid detection of child pornography on storage devices (mainly hard drives) captured by police forces on the basis of a warrant. INACT is especially useful if the illegal content is hidden in large data volumes.

Richard O'Dwyer will be relieved. Wait...

THAT'S the problem. It starts with "But it's for your own good," and five minutes later your door gets kicked down because you linked to copyrighted content. As +Rick Falkvinge pointed out, child pornography is often used to justify overreach by the copyright industry. Actually catching these people involves chasing them down via payments made, not shutting down or blocking websites.

We can stop this

There's a contact form we can use to make our views known.

If you get a reply, please post it in the comments section. We can also contact our MEPs to make them aware of this and work to shut it down if they're not going to bake in privacy protections. The Internet Freedom Movement recognises the need for law enforcement. It's the overreach and presumption of guilt that we have a problem with.

Read + Share + Get involved = End this madness!
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