What happens when you ban a website?

Immediately after a judge ordered operators in the #UK to block "The Pirate Bay" the website witnessed a slight boost in visitors, 12.8 million of them.
These new users were also taught how to circumvent the block, and became more privacy savvy in the process, something that is more and more important these days

Read + Share + Spread=Censorship doesn't work!

Read the full story here:http://j.mp/Ip1cSf
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And to think that in my high school legal studies course, I was taught that laws should only exist if they could be enforced... I guess this judge didn't take that into account... and the users have just shoved it down his throat.
...and if the hosting isp simply "blocks" any communication to the pirate bay IP via a full range port block, what then? They act invulnerable, but it's not like they own the link. Pirate will need multiple ISPs and hope one of them is retarded
The blocks – to be implemented by Sky, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin Media (BT are still considering their position)

Incredible, BT not being terrible, at least for a while.
BT were actually fighting hard against these sorts of measures. They should be commended for taking a stance in the interests of the consumer.
Well hell. I hadn't heard about that. Kudos to BT then.
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Also: Pirate Bay are also recommending the use of TOR but only for the initial accessing of their website and the downloading of the .torrent files.
I've been saying for months that all this censorship is going to lead people to TOR. And I'm not sure what governments should be more worried about: torrent use, or the mutilation, drug and rape sites that can also be accessed (only) via TOR.
+Corina Iane To clear, BT and TalkTalk went to court against the Digital Economy Act that required ISPs to send out warning letters for customers that were suspected of illegal file-sharing and then disconnection. They were essentially saying that it should not be their role to police what the users were doing as they were the roads for the car users type thing. They battled for two years, but unfortunately lost. This is really the same argument as they are being forced by the government to police what the users can do, essentially being an enforcement arm for private industry.
Having said that, I dislike BT for other reasons and think it sucks that my ISP, VirginMedia jump into bed so quickly against their consumers.
It's starting to sound like France's HADOPI law - which, if I remember rightly, has two of the three warnings needed to remove itself from the internet, which is just hilarious.
I'd buy a set of those TPB glasses. :D
This sounds like the Web's version of America's failed prohibition.
so true, the most resilient bit-torrent site on the web, hands down.
Modern law makes criminals out of innocents, while barely scratching those who truly deserve it.
The Ban just marketed the site in a bigger Banner.
fuckin hate gaggers! who really needs shooting? the pirates or the police! most people i know only download copies for they own use or to decide weather to go buy the movie or music b4 they part with hard cash. tossers.
our government, so smart and definatley not run by chimps.
Nothing bouge of an inch people's are dying of cocaine crack French politics should put a law to ban selling cocaine in appartement block ,in ghetto street , near school, today in france police corruption is also part of big trouble i witnessed all that for quiet a long time my brother died of despair he failed to save his sister .French government are guilty those are criminals thousands of French family ordinary,poor background are paying the highest casualties shame on France politics,police,millitary,banks,media,..
Leo Sam
hey we love u bay
i hate people who think they can make desicions for others.......... they don't even demand your opinion, sucks
It's amazing how little those "politicians" understand about technology .
These websites save me so much money in school. why pay Uncle Sam more than he needs. Aren't interest in student loans enough?
Someday, I'll actually write that book I've been meaning to write ... and I hope it gets banned, so I can make the NYT Best Sellers List.
This kind of bans do not work..

They could argue with the aspect of intellectual property issue. But, in the age of information technology revolution, where as a lot of professionals doing their best to share their knowledge, developments, software, everything for free here, how can we expect a few so called corporate firms charge exorbitant sums for their products?

So, until they change their mindset and offer their products at affordable prices, this kind of websites continue to survive, no matter whether they are restricted or not....!
12.8 million

100 million ain't a problem
There must always be due process. Any organization with the authority to incapacitate a citizen, group, business, or other organization must be held to legal requirements of proving guilt (or at least the reasonable suspicion of guilt), not act on pure supposition (or he-said / she-said) prior to enforcement.
same response with banning anything: like having a 'legal drinking age' make a big deal about restrictions and it becomes fun to deviate...
This is a good visual analogy......
I know they mention for people not to run torrents through TOR. But you know they will. TOR is going to get bogged down for awhile, I bet.
Rebelious riots and killings would result if censorship happened...
the gov't is already in enough hot water as it is..
It just makes you wonder how long governments and organizations will keep trying shit like this before they realize they'll never win that way.
+Dustin Jones Do you really think they believe they will ever win? I mean, look at the War on Drugs... Again-- so much money being exchanged in off shore bank accounts here. The opposite of congress must be progress... Right?
Ya, RIGHT.Some websites are affecting our new generation like facebook but some are very helpful like facebook
Chadwick Jones: 100% agreement here. War on Dopes=the House and Senate, so one and the same. With exception of 25% of a certain party that votes.
UUGGGGHHHHHHH and to think we may have some nut like Mitt Romney leading the pack soon.
That increase demonstrates human nature: if you forbid something to people, they will tend to want to (do|want|have) it. It's been that way since the Beginning.
esp. Freedom. And Chadwick, I'm in Mass., but I was out of the country when he was elected governor. Besides, that governor was his good twin: It's the Evil Twin running for Prez.
Posted the 'Banned" article and notes here. Rod, you are next. Go ahead, make fun of my membership in ACLU, if you care to. It's a free country....well, was. I see the future, and left unchecked, Orwell could never foress this. Will post on blog, I hope, this week.
Yeah, that is exactly what happens ;)
I posted this on my blog, I'm late, but I had to tell you Networked Blogs say they have a syndication error twice now. I checked both links myself, and they're fine. So I wonder why....I know how to share without them, and without blocking, I can do it manually later..I'll make a point of it. So the learning you get by them blocking, I think, will arrive soon for me!
I like the design on the glass, Is it a shot glass or a drinking glass.... I love shot glasses
100% impossible to block anything on the Internet, and it's simply a waste of time to try! Long live TPB!
can any frndzzz tell me what is this "ban" ?
If you ban it the people will visit, use or obtain it.
Where's the MAFIAA talk? This can't be TorrentFreak.
we can always build private browsing apps/sites and private communities where subscribers could exchange any stuff (including currency) without facing the public market and laws.... every savvy man would keep off from that islands today..... they're only a pot of debts.....

true is these companies still abide to business models that even my granny wouldn't try .... let's give a clearing to that fake management and pave the way to new markets..... pleae do not bother justice for issues like that.....
Trying to bad something will only create far more interest in it than would otherwise be there. TPB only got a huge boost in traffic after an inefficient ban took place. Can't blame anything on BT, esp since I picked up Knoppix on it, which wouldn't've been possible otherwise.
+Law Martin Must have been a lot of people from Mass. out of the country during that time. ;)
No matter how hard, whatever they try, they'll never be able to shut it down!
TPB rules!
Pirate foreverrr!
as soon as you try and ban something, it's popularity explodes.
When will the corporations learn that they are simply worthless without us?
I should ban myself from making the world a better place!
How many of those users will ever come back and use the service?
Not sure I agree with the ban by ISP's as anyone techy enough to know to use piratebay is probably able to work out a way round the ISP situation.
The other thing that happens is lots of people start using TOR. 
hey can anyone help me with getting a PMC account
Be happy you all have good Internet. In Belize 4Mbps cost BZ$660. per month. 512Kbps cost BZ$145. per month. Skype and many other things are blocked.
To emphasize what +Chris Brorsen just said, when people read about a lawsuit they like to google it to see what the fuss is about. Named after Barbara Streisand sued a photographer for taking a photo of her home (when it was more about the erroding cliff than the home property itself) caused the image to circulate FAR FAR wider than it ever would have if she ignored it.
GT Deng
fyi. 2bzd=1usd. and more governments do need to censor more websites, if only to give more publicity to them. there's a saying in hollywood, 'bad publicity is still publicity'
Is our government providing gateways to more deviant behavior again?
Not really I killed one of these pests awhile back they were robbing photobiz blind!We have to self police or the police will police us!
if you try to stop something then more people do it because you tried to stop it
Itz a like a kid.If u tell a kid 2 not do some work, it will definitely do that work..
politicians live out of the real world ... and never learn from their errors
Part of the problem, +Andrea Roncucci, is that they are not always subject to the same laws that they write for us. They do not serve our will or they'd have passed over this sort of nonsense as a waste of time long ago. Efforts like this make it clear they are serving the will of... well, it's not hard to figure out who might think this is a good idea.
To Chadwick, Borghese, and PB: Have last two tabs open on my browser. The wi-fi is down until Monday, and physically, it's hard to get to computer. CAN NOT LET ROMNEY WIN. I've written for two years what their ultimate goal is, and every move they make reinforces my belief. As for the sites, I will get to the sites mentioned in this message. I need time to catch up on the conversation. I have another war I'm fighting at this rehab (physical). If you don't see me check in here, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring what's going on. I can barely check my emails. When I'm online, I come here. I minimize my browser, in case I can get back on, so it might look like I'm here. This weekend, I'll catch up, and yes, it has always been in my nature to check out the forbidden. But this is a whole new dimension, the reason I belong to ACLU and Amnesty Int'l, just to name two. Just like Monsanto wants to own all food, soon the whole net will be in a cloud, and you'll have to download your own work. Computers will be shells, like a chromebook, and nothing you write will be yours. That is, if we don't stop this trend,. I know this is TMI, but wanted to be clear,
A spectacular own goal by this judge. I visited the site for the first time today and I'm downloading a film even as we speak. Not really a torrent, though, is it? More like a dribble - it will take all day at this rate. Or am I doing something wrong?
+Paul Duxbury On an average 5Mb broadband connection, you shouldn't have any problem torrenting a DVD-quality movie in less time than it takes to watch it. Because of the way bittorrrent works, it's one of the most efficient (and therefore fastest) ways of downloading a file, but there are several factors involved.

Make sure you have your bittorrent client set up correctly. If your router doesn't support UPnP (which allows your bittorrent client to make the necessary changes), you'll need to set up port forwarding on your router. There are lots of tutorials about this, but each router is a bit different.

Also, pay attention to the ratio of seeders versus leechers, since your'e having to compete with everyone else that's trying to download the torrent. When it comes to speed, the ratio of seeds to leeches is more important than the number of seeds, as long as there are a sufficient number of seeds for the torrent to be available. A torrent with 100 seeds and 50 leeches will be faster than a torrent with 500 seeds and 1000 leeches.
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