UPDATE: +NVIDIA wrote a blog post where it states that it doesn't support #SOPA

Here is what we are doing based on that information


*Announcing Operation Green #opgreen *

*Today we are announcing our first request for direct action. Our target is +NVIDIA, and the objective is to force the company to change its position on #SOPA *

NVidia is all over the press these days, because of the #CES , and we have to take this opportunity to show those in charge at the company that their #SOPA support is not appreciated

Course of Action

Main targets are NVidia's social media channels.

+NVIDIA on Google Plus

NVidia on Twitter: https://twitter.com//NVIDIA

NVidia on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NVIDIA

The Message

Be polite and straight to the point.

NVidia has already deleted some comments left on their Facebook page last night meaning that they are reading them

On Twitter use #opgreen and, if you follow the account, stop following it and let them know why. Example (I just stopped following NVidia because it supports #SOPA #opgreen )

If you have any other ideas feel free to leave them in the comments and we will update this post accordingly

Let #opgreen begin

*Read + Share + Spread + ACT = Stop #SOPA *
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