UPDATE: +NVIDIA wrote a blog post where it states that it doesn't support #SOPA

Here is what we are doing based on that information


*Announcing Operation Green #opgreen *

*Today we are announcing our first request for direct action. Our target is +NVIDIA, and the objective is to force the company to change its position on #SOPA *

NVidia is all over the press these days, because of the #CES , and we have to take this opportunity to show those in charge at the company that their #SOPA support is not appreciated

Course of Action

Main targets are NVidia's social media channels.

+NVIDIA on Google Plus

NVidia on Twitter: https://twitter.com//NVIDIA

NVidia on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NVIDIA

The Message

Be polite and straight to the point.

NVidia has already deleted some comments left on their Facebook page last night meaning that they are reading them

On Twitter use #opgreen and, if you follow the account, stop following it and let them know why. Example (I just stopped following NVidia because it supports #SOPA #opgreen )

If you have any other ideas feel free to leave them in the comments and we will update this post accordingly

Let #opgreen begin

*Read + Share + Spread + ACT = Stop #SOPA *
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Did you click on "Show all" on Facebook? If you didn't and whine there's been deletions, you're just stupid.
I am on board, I have voiced my opinion to them.
Ahhhhhhhhhh this makes so much sense now.

Just let me mention the massive problems I have had with vendor binary drivers for GNU/Linux that started 18 months ago.
You guys do get that nvidia is a division of AMD, right? oops :-)
Nothing wrong with the card you have in your system, you supported them at a time when they were reasonable.
Damn shame nVidia. Did AMD also support this? Am I running out of video cards soon? :O
We need to get money out of politics! Until this happens "we the people" will not be heard. Don't vote for individuals that have a Super PAC as it only furthers this status quo. +Buddy Roemer is trying to do just that by only taking a max of $100 per person period and no money from corporations ie. "Big Media", only he is being silenced by even his own party. Stand up America and lets fix what is broken at the heart of our political system!
I have commented on https://www.facebook.com/NVIDIA last night and is still visible on it but you need to do some clicking to see it. My G+ post on it, https://plus.google.com/u/0/112580358873506224122/posts/Ez4oxidf5mU

Right below banner pics, there's Everyone (Top Posts) and inverted triangle. If you click and change that to Everyone (Most Recent). The reason why #OpGreen wall posts may not appear to everyone is because non of them have many comments to them. I have selected +William Herrera's wall post, he had the most "likes" and link to eff.org, to make a comment. If more people comment on his post it will appear to all the casual viewers.
So you guys tihnk Nvidia should give their technology away for free??? Maybe they want to protect their investment. I understand the SOPA bill is flawed but so is the concept of allowing outright pirating! I know this post wont be popular but there is two sides to the SOPA argument
+Dean Watts No one, and we repeat no one, think that companies should give their products for free. What we do think is that no company should try and beat the competition by supporting bills that do nothing to fight piracy and counterfeiting and do everything to end freedom of speech in the Internet. I hope you can see the difference.
+Dean Watts totally missing the point.
How many people do you know [personally] that are copying NVIDIA's chips .

You forget they are a hardware manufacturer.
soon we will have to VPN into china for uncensored internet access.............................
+Dean Watts We all support the products that do well, and want to work to stop real acts of online piracy that do damage to a brand or product's income, especially those we all want/use. The issue is that the #SOPA and #PIPA bills are over-broad and dangerous, which has been stated pretty clearly by Dr. Jack Balkin ( Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment at Yale Law School) in an interview here: http://hlpronline.com/2012/01/free-expression-five-questions-with-jack-balkin/

Many of us support the alternative legistlation, the OPEN act (discussed here: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2398800,00.asp), which attempts to accomplish the same thing, but without the truly dangerous precedents of SOPA/PIPA. That's the reason these bills are disliked so much, their danger to the open and free internet that we all benefit from every day.
NO, Nvidia says that now dont supports SOPA, but it did it 2 hours ago,the things that talks privately to the policians is another thing. The boicot should remain to ALL who have supported SOPA since the beginning, for them to see what is good for.
+Mark Fox Please notice that the blog post was written after we started #OpGreen. Yes, the little details regarding time stamps :-)
+Stop SOPA I don't think it matters when it was written, that just means they didn't answer a question until it was asked.

I am absolutely against the internet travesty that is SOPA, but I don't think "if you're not with us you're against us" is a good approach either. Nvidia could have always been against SOPA but could be punished anyway by people like +Javi Garcia Lopez, not because of their position on SOPA as a proper boycott should, but instead just because they're not inclined to be outspoken about politics. They do have the right not to get involved, even if we think they should.
Please also Like the comments in the blog that already ask them to oppose #SOPA or reference #OpGreen. The popularity of posts is one criteria that Social Media Managers use to decide what comments are important enough to read, and reply to (of course, the most important part is that the post is professional and thought out, but we can only ask so much :-) )
+Joe Naylor We actually would agree with you if ESA, which +NVIDIA belongs to, had not been so outspoken (and funding) those that support #SOPA. They got involved by not stopping ESA from supporting and funding the bill.
Thanks Guys for pointing out some things that I missed with the two bills and why they are not good things. Its great to see people here who do have reasons and explanations for their convictions! I need to do some more reading. Im not in USA but am aware this could be much further reaching.
+Dan García Did that already... same link and everything... they're just gonna say "Check Timestamps". LOL. Even though we're both right.
+Dan García and +Vash Crowley Let us try and explain: +NVIDIA 's post is a reaction to #OpGreen meaning that the company had been silent about #SOPA and the support that ESA (which +NVIDIA is a member) has been giving to the bill. We launched #OpGreen at 9:30am PST and their blog post is from 12:30pm PST. We are sure you can understand what was the action and what was the reaction.
I've already been boycotting nVidia for their stance on open-source drivers.
It is clear that #OpGreen was successful, thanks in part to +Stop SOPA , everyone involved in commenting, and to NVidia for responding to quickly and positively.
This is good, but I think it's time to pressure companies like Google and Facebook to do more as well. I want to see Google and Facebook join the blackout and raise an unprecedented amount of awareness about these terrible bills.
+Mike Nelson a blackout is a terrible idea for consumers, customers, and business in general. What they should do is promote a better understanding of the legislation and convince people with reason and analytically influence the masses. Educate, don't bomb.
You mean like what Reddit is doing.. like what I suggested? ,” Reddit announced on Tuesday that it will black out its site on Jan. 18 for 12 hours, starting at 8 a.m. E.T. During that period, the site’s content will be replaced with “a simple message about how the PIPA/SOPA legislation would shut down sites like reddit, link to resources to learn more, and suggest ways to take action.”

Read more: http://techland.time.com/2012/01/12/sopa-reddit-confirms-january-18-blackout-wikipedia-and-others-may-follow/#ixzz1jHZ8KnfW
As lovely as that would be if it worked, reason has shown to fail with our government. You can't always be reasonable and peaceful with these people.
+Cheryl Addington Both Google and Facebook have been some of the most outspoken opponents of the legislation already. The problem with blacking out the sites for an entire day, like Reddit is doing, is the following. For google to go down would mean every user, for a day, would have to use alternate search engines. They are already in heavy competition with Bing for the use of their search tools, which is also one of their primary sources of income. They can't afford to lose all business from their search for a day, or risk losing more users to other search engines. It isn't feasible. For facebook, you black out the site, and users go to other social networks. Facebook, with it's privacy issues, needs to not let that happen. We shouldn't punish opponents of the bill just because they don't go to extremes and hinder their businesses.
+Matthew Saltzman Funny thing is that people are already leaving FB slowly but surely. They don't need a blackout to lose thousands of users. They just need to exist.
+Vash Crowley Well that's part of the point, right? They currently have a consistent service that's always available and they're already losing users. If they were to do a full blackout, it would only serve to speed users away from their service faster.
we must do it again with other companies who support this fucking law!!!! no SOPA
I posted "I just stopped following NVidia because it supports #SOPA #opgreen" to their G+ page, their FB page, and tweeted it too.
Good luck.
Awesome win +Stop SOPA. I am proud to have been a part of #OpGreen. Like some of you mentioned, I believe no supporting is different than actively opposing. If +NVIDIA announced this position at the beginning, none of us would have targeted them. However, since they've been silent and was part of the group that supported it, it falls upon them to renounce ESA's support.
The big question is, is it wise to target another company, now that we achieved a small victory or should we still focus our attention on +NVIDIA. I would like to suggest to continue the boycott but select a new target for tomorrow.
NVIDIA posted on their facebook page that they don't support SOPA and posted a link to their blog claiming so:
But it appears that they are part of an organization called ESA that does support it.
So therefore I'm thinking that doesn't let them off the hook yet, at least not until they public explicitly oppose SOPA.
So much for purchasing that new Nvidia video card. Anyone have a good substitute for the GTI-570?
No, NVIDA has a post on their FB page that says they don't agree with it and do not support it. Though they are not opposing it.
Its lucky that I got that amd because it was cheaper i'd have to return the offensive graphics card as being unfit for purpose because the corporation that owns it supports the destruction of internet freedom for no apparent reason. It wants to give a bunch of jumped up holywood and motown yahoos the power to bring down sites containing links to copywrite material unless the aforementioned material was supplied by them yet ask their fans to post the material on the website. Some people need to learn that there is a whole world full of opportunity outside the courtroom.
can we keep reposting that blog link over and over?
+Jordan Laske NVIDIA doesn't and never supported SOPA. This page is mostly a propaganda nightmare. But if you want to buy that crud from AMD... go ahead.
If I had a facebook or twitter i'd be more than happy to help
Hopefully this keeps going and we get more targets.
Yes, by all means, +Benjamen Meiers, harass more companies that have no involvement in the issue, and never supported SOPA in the first place! Go forth and troll.
how dum mr +Jake Weisz to attack people who are offended....
if you have a point dont join the brainless...
try to explain your position and encourage some mindfullness...
attack and you will jump in their hole with them...
+Jordan Laske They say it's not the right solution. That means, they think it's a wrong solution. That's opposition. Right there.

+Stop SOPA Because every company doesn't publicly post their every opinion on every topic going on in the planet? Honestly, their post read somewhat to me like "Of course we don't support this idiotic law, why are you bothering us about it?"

I mean, I think people who boycotted GoDaddy are hypocritical, if they still watch TV, because anyone watching TV or going to a movie theater is financially actively supporting SOPA. GoDaddy merely made a statement of support. But they did go out of their way to support, so I kinda understand the outrage... (Even if I still think it was hypocritical) but going after companies just because they didn't say something is getting ridiculous.
In Politics, it's not trolling, it's lobbying for support...you have to play the game with the same rules they are playing by - even though they seem like the most backwards and shitty rules ever; that's politics for you.
SOPA is an evil we must be rid of! let the riots start
See, since this is the only part on What's Hot, not the fact that NVIDIA doesn't actually support SOPA, I wonder how many people posting on this post realize it. They might even get the wrong idea. +Stop SOPA should edit this post, to link to the updated posts.

I actually do oppose SOPA, I've contacted both my senators, and my representative. Got their usual carbon copy responses back from all of them. I've signed the petitions, etc. I just feel you people are taking it way way too far.

+Jason Marshall Are you going to boycott every company that doesn't actually actively support your cause? Because you're going to have a very limited group of places you can shop if that's the case.
Copying chips or any other hardware has nothing to do with Online Piracy (the OP in SOPA). NVidia themselves have nothing to gain from this and their software parters only think it will. Read the bill and understand what it really does and then help stop it.
+Andy Froggatt Did you read +NVIDIA 's blog post? They are members of ESA and they should have had disconnected themselves from #SOPA immediately, like many other companies did. Their choice was to put their head in the sand, pretending that they didn't know about what was going on. Our choice was to force them to make a stand.

So again, you lost a great opportunity to keep your fingers out of your keyboard and spend more time getting informed before you start making comments that have nothing to with the facts.
Meh It's Bullshit, Lets Spend money we dont have to study a problem that they will create.
Wow, I've never blocked an advocacy group like this before, but I'm blocking you assholes. You should probably go boycott a bunch of other companies that have nothing to do with this, now.
SOPA won't stop anything. It will only cut the people who do not pirate off from its targets. Pirating will find a way to continue. Probably before the bill if turned to law takes effect. It's like slapping everyone in the room to get a fly only to see that the fly got away.
+Andy Froggatt You obviously think that people aren't able to think with for their own. We, on the other hand, believe that people are able to make their own decisions based on the information that they have available. This is just a matter of perspective and of belief. Thank you for your contributions.
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