Wireless Industry WANTS To Hand Over Your Data

A link to a +Techdirt article caught our attention when it mentioned that the mobile operators are actually opposed to a bill that would require them to ask for a warrant before handing over data to law enforcement agencies. Isn't it in their best interests to stand up for their subscribers? Evidently not.

Commenter Lobo Santo posted this link in his comment: http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2012/04/03/these-are-the-prices-att-verizon-and-sprint-charge-for-cellphone-wiretaps

It seems that the mobile operators have a lucrative sideline in farming our data to the police and charge them up to $2000 for wiretapping, which they claim is to cover the costs of servicing the requests.

This is a violation of the Fourth Amendment

If the money demanded by these people is simply to cover their costs, why would requesting a warrant be such a hardship?

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What else is in this bill?
The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided (unanimously) that members of law enforcement need a warrant to place a GPS tracking device on a suspect's vehicle. How is requesting GPS data from wireless carriers any different?
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