Dear governments of the world:
There is no such thing as "liberty".
You are ruining it.
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This will make the world more secure, everyone will use https now to get their movies :)
Damnit Pirate Bay was the most secure of the lot.
Funny thing about the internet, you can't block anything 100%. There's always a workaround.
"mostly"? So now a service can be destroyed by law if "most' of the patrons do illegal things with it. Does that mean mobile phones will be illegal next?
Google "blacklists don't work". There's some food for thought why people empowered to make decisions should get at least some education...
No no, it's better this way :)
Stupid dudes making laws know NOTHING about the 'net. We can jump over their blocks easily :)
Unfortunately, they will legalize censorship as a side effect.
Good, then we can censor them and get back on track.
Just use a proxy, they cannot stop us!, We Are Legion
What is really sought is the exchange of ideas on the web. Countries that practice economic plans that starve other countries want to stop people are organized through the internet, and not as a resistance. What of piracy is a smokescreen, behind there is an interest less noble than copyright.
First they block piracy, but what next, "defamation of public officials?"
Before it even happened the site name changed to .se and the pirate party had a site up to search it.
Change your DNS to a 3rd party provider. OpenDNS, Google DNS etc are very useful!
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