Internet 4, ACTA 0

You know all those petitions you've been signing? They work.

Thank you!

Those emails you sent to the committees (provided by +Rick Falkvinge and EDRI) have been instrumental in derailing the grossly unfair and dangerous treaty, which deliberately conflates #IPR terms and laws, uses unfamiliar legal terms like "fair process," and threatens access to generic medicines by confusing them with counterfeits while putting unfair burdens on our ISPs by forcing them to spy on us.

It's not over yet

There's one more committee to go through, INTA, before it goes to a final vote where it will hopefully be put down like a rabid dog. It's not over yet, but if we keep the pressure on, we can ensure that the MEPs represent our interests by voting against it. INTA votes on June 20th, then the European Parliament will vote on the treaty during the week of 2nd - 5th July.

We'll be providing their contact details nearer to the time so they don't forget our plea to keep the internet open and to put our needs ahead of corporate profits.

Good news is trickling in

Meanwhile, moves are afoot in our various governments to rethink #IPR (intellectual property rights) laws with a view to reform. Keep an eye out for consultation papers that citizens can contribute to in order to bring about a change in attitudes, and hopefully, reform. Give us the links to post here so we can help to spread the good news.

Victory is in sight, but don't stop fighting until there are laws and treaties in place to keep the internet open and free. It will happen if we make it happen. And we can. Thank you, friends. We couldn't have done it without you.

Read + Share + Keep an eye out for more information on digital rights and IPR = Keep the internet open and free
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