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10 Handy Tips For Responsive Web Design

Website has become an important marketing tool for any business. Whether it is of few pages or more than 1000 pages, creative and flashy or simple, website is a must for any type of business. Be it big or small. The market for website building has grown in the past decade. Bangalore which is regarded as the hub of Indian IT industry has thousands of companies providing different kinds of IT solutions. One can just use specific keywords like ‘Software Development India’ to get the desired results.

Apart from ‘software development company india’ there are many other keywords which also can be tried. Designing website is an art. There are different ways in which can create a responsive website design.

Below mentioned are some few tips:
· Best method is to use website template. There are many good attractive readymade templates available online. One can easily choose them. Some might be free but even the paid templates are worthy enough to grab good number of eyeballs on your website.
· web design services Secondly one must also consider the adaptability of the website on different mediums like laptop, mobile etc. Nowadays many people use internet through their mobile devices. So it makes sense to have a good website which can be easily accessible and look good in all the devices.
· Using the Jquery tool can help in putting in plugins into your website and make it more responsive. Jquery offers some popular plugins which can help in making your website more interesting for the target audience.
· The background images should be adjusted well through Jquery. Moreover the images must be flexible for adjusting in different devices.
· You can also measure the load speed of your website on different devices. One can use free tools of Google to check the speed of your website. It is very important to have low loading time for the website. More time taken by the website can irritate the website visitor.
· The content for the mobile devices should be shortened as people visiting your website through mobile devices won’t spare time to read each and every word. The content in it should be crisp and to the point.
· web development services Unnecessary content and images which can take time to load the website should be avoided.
· Typography is very important while designing the website. The font should reflect the brand personality. If your product is something like tyre, cement, steel etc which are more of masculine brands then a strong font should be used. If the product is of female products then softer fonts should be sued. Fonts should be visible on the background or the image which is used. Colors should also be in line with the brand personality.
· There should be blank spaces left on the webs pages so that the website doesn’t look more cluttered. The Call action buttons to should be highlighted properly. It should also have good background colour. It should entice the visitor to click on the button. Red which is a colour of danger or caution should be avoided while using it in call to action button.
· Most importantly the website should be navigation friendly. So sitemaps should be used.

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Responsive web design mockups!
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