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Hi everybody. Saw this while walking down a street in Brunswick, Melbourne. Taken with an OMD

Let me know what you think :)
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Love the shot, as far as a critique, the cat doesn't seem sharp enough, the branch in the front takes too much of my attention. Perhaps a different angle and placing the cat within the rule of thirds would really make him stick out more. The cat and the back wall seem really flat. Playing with the back wall color might help. The Orange saturation seems ok, but sometimes it can overtake the photo. What was your F-Stop for this shot? Perhaps a lower f-stop and focusing on the face of the cat would also have helped.  Hope this helped at least a little. Great shot though.
I agree with most of +Junior Tnez's comments - I like the colours but my eye can't quite decide what the main subject is.  The cat's expression might have tied it together more if focus was more selective, as suggested above.  And maybe a little lightening of the cat's face in post, since this looks like an available-light shot...
Thanks for the feedback. No matter which way I took the photo the branch was always in the way. I couldn't really move the cat or get in closer, because it was on private property. I wanted the cat to be the main subject but I also wanted to show the vespar in the shot as well. I only used lightroom for editing and I increased the shadow to get more detail for cat. I took the shot quickly because I was worried I was going to scare the cat away and lose the shot lol I guess practice makes perfect. Thanks again
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