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New Dental Logo for Berkeley Dental Care
dental logo | Cutting Edge PracticeCutting Edge Practice is pleased to announce that it has created a fresh new dental logo for Berkeley Dental Care. Berkeley Dental Care is a general dental office located in Berkeley, IL. Dr. Omar Ghoneim and Cutting Edge Practice are starting their dental marketing and branding campaign with this new logo design.

5 Reasons to have a dental logo
A dental logo is the first step creating an integrating marketing campaign. The look and the feel of the image, the colors and fonts should all be the same in print and on-line.

This brand consistency will help develop:

1. Your competitive advantage. Your design and image will be unique. No other dental office will have this same design, look or feel.
2. A memorable image for potential patients. The graphic image associated with your dental practice will become recognizable when you place your logo on your sign or awning, on your postcards, on your social media and on your website. Prospective patients will think of you when its time for their next dental appointment.
3. Your professional image and reputation. A dentist who takes the time to develop a brand image illustrates that the dentist cares about his practice and his patients.
4. A link to your practice. Adapting an image that represents your practice name or the practice of dentistry will help the patient remember your practice.
5. A great first impression. Before the patient calls you, emails you, or walks into your office, they will develop a positive image of you and your practice.

If you are interested in a new dental logo design to jump start your dental marketing campaign, contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz, dental marketing expert and managing partner at Cutting Edge Practice.
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Research Shows Using Keyword Rich Domain Names Makes A Difference.
I have long been a proponent of using keyword rich domains (website addresses) for Internet dental marketing. Verisign has just published research that confirms my position. On May 31, 2016, Verisign listed their results in an article entitled “How Keyword-Rich Domain Names Positively Affect Search Click-Through Results.” Using data from comScore’s U.S. consumer panel, Verisign examined more than 11 million search query results from September 2015. The results showed that visitors were twice as likely to click on a website address that matches a keyword in their query. Read the entire article….. at

Wondering how to use keyword rich domain names for search engine marketing (SEM) for your dental website?
Here are a couple of ways to use a keyword rich domain name to increase the clicks for your dental website.

1) You can modify any website page address to add your keyword. Here is an example: This page is dedicated to the dentist that owns ABC Dentistry. The practice is located in Bridgeview. The keyword for the page is: Bridgeview dentist. Google recommends that you separate words in a domain name with a dash or underline.

2) If you want to market whitening in Bridgeview, reserve the domain name (website address): Work with your dental website designer to direct this new domain name to the page on your website that talks about whitening OR create a landing page for this domain and direct it or “point it to” your primary website.

Do you need help marketing your dental website? Do you want to start using keyword rich domain names? Contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz at (847) 370-9131 or contact us by email. She will help you implement a SEO and SEM marketing campaign that will help prospective patients find you!
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Dental Marketing Ideas for June
The start of summer is a great month to launch a mid-year marketing campaign. I’ve prepared a list of dental marketing ideas you can implement this month. Use your website blog, social media and e-mail blasts to promote your summer activities. Remember that a growing practice needs to be engaged in 4 different marketing endeavors every month!

Dental Marketing Ideas for June
• Father’s Day Contest
• Back To School Special
• Mouth Guard Promotion for Summer Sports
• Whitening Special for Brides
• Invisalign Special for Summer Weddings
• Write a Blog Post On The Use of Sports Drinks

June is also a perfect time to develop your dental marketing ideas for July.
Dental Marketing Ideas for July
• Plan for participation in a July 4th parade. Order your give-aways, reserve your space in the parade, order your parade T-shirts, etc.
• Plan for participation in Summer Festivals. Many towns have farmers’ market days and summer festivals you can participate in. Contact your Chamber of Commerce or City to learn about new opportunities.
• Plan your print marketing campaign for back to school specials. A direct mail campaign can take about 6 weeks from start to finish. Planning ahead is key to filling your July and August schedule.

PHOTO: Cutting Edge Practice designed the marketing & promotional activities for these dental specialists for an outdoor summer festival.

If you need help with your dental marketing initiatives, contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz, MEd, MBA at (847) 370-9131 or send her an email.
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Dental Logo designed for Clock Tower Dentistry
Cutting Edge Practice is pleased to announce that they have just completed a dental logo design for Clock Tower Dentistry our newest dental start up client.

How does dental logo design work at Cutting Edge Practice?
Here at Cutting Edge Practice, dental marketing begins with selection of a practice name. From there, we implement our unique dental marketing program with predictable success. We ask our clients to complete a 1.5 page questionnaire describing their vision for their new practice and their brand. Within five business days, we send them 4 – 6 dental logo samples for their review. We work closely with our clients to create and refine their dental logo image to create a brand image that will last for years to come.

Once our client selects their dental logo, we create a series of image files including but not limited to: native graphics vector files (.ai and .eps), photoshop files in high resolution and low resolution (.psd and .jpeg) and high resolution Adobe Reader files (.pdf). At the end of the design process, our Cutting Edge Practice clients own their dental logos. Our dental logos are unique and can be trademarked by our clients.

Cutting Edge Practice has created more than 50 logos for general dentists and dental specialists. If you are looking for a fresh new logo, contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz at 847-370-9131 or by email. We are happy to help.
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Adding a Google Review Just Got Easier
Early April, Google changed its interface to allow Google Map users to add a review for your practice.  This was an option a few years ago, but its back!  Now, Google allows visitors with and without a Google+ account to leave a local Google Review.  This is fabulous news!
Accumulating Google Reviews is a great way to improve your SEO.   The more positive Google Reviews you have, the higher your website will appear in a Google search.
Try it by adding a Google Review for Cutting Edge Practice.  Got to:,-87.8519844,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x880fc9f0f359ff8d:0x584a7af9ab8e954e
Find the NEW  link to Write A Review in this screen capture below.   I added a black arrow to help you find the new link.

If you are having problems with this, give me a call at 847-370-9131.
I am happy to help!
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