mmmm cement!

Sunday noon, and I've been up bakin' for 'ours an now I'm writin' on 'ere. Right unusual that is, if I do say.

But lots to do today, after all that trouble we 'ad with the buttercream last evenin', an' all this fuss this morn about them lot needin' more cakes for all their weddin's tonight at court.

Worse news, them faeries 'ave been in again last night. Can't right believe the state we found the place when I got 'ere. Dropped cakes. Flour all over all. Right mess it was. Them faeries! Can't guess what they were up to. Still, got thems cakes to finish.

But cake'll 'ave to wait a minute or two, we've not even 'ad our breadkfast yet. Reckon I'm make Dawn a nice cuppa tea, an' a round a' toast. Reckon she'll like that.

#dream40 #latebreakfast
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