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Live life in PURE luxury with Wakaya Perfection Organic Wellness Products
Live life in PURE luxury with Wakaya Perfection Organic Wellness Products

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Happy Halloween and Free Shipping Today Only! 16MTwLe

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YUM! Have you tried Wakaya Perfection Oatmeal, Raisin and Organic
Ginger Cookies?

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FYI: Tips for people on the go who might not have time for a yoga
studio or a trip to the farmer's market

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Stuffy nose? Cold kicking your butt? 3 ingredients and you have the
Wakaya Organic Ginger Cold Buster recipe to help feel better fast:

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Hours in the car traveling? Ginger supplements are easy to tuck in
your bag so your regimen doesn't have to fall apart while you're on
the go!

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New blog! Snacks and why you need to relax. Check out our new post
meant to help you with wellness on the go!

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DID YOU KNOW: The Wakaya Perfection blog is a great source for
news, wellness tips and all things Wakaya. Stop by. Feel better.

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SPOTLIGHT: Dry skin getting to you? Ginger isn't all we're known for.
Check out Wakaya Perfection Dilo Cream- our nourishing facial
cream that restores and protects from this winter wind. 17H4A7N

Need a little more summer? Fresh Mint-Organic Ginger Lemonade.
Make it in a shaker, impress everyone you know. 182wOci
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