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That's Dr. Sweeten. 

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In case you missed this:

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Is anyone planning on attending Origins Game Fair this year? If anyone is and is interested, I'll be running a one-shot of DFRPG aimed at introducing people to the system, event number 6451.

Hello all, 

I'm strongly considering running a DF game at Origins this year. I haven't run a con game before, but I feel confident in my running of the system and story telling from my regular DF game. 

My conundrum, however, is whether I should run a game I've written myself or a module. The advantage of the latter is less pressure on me so I can concentrate on modifying things for a con setting (such as pre-gen characters and planning a quick group aspect round before the start of the game proper). If I run a module, however, there is both a fair chance that someone playing will have read/played the module already (at the moment I only know of the three on Evil Hat's website). If I run my own game, I get to tailor things from the ground up (catering things to Columbus in particular), but then I have much more writing to do and I have to be certain I plot out a game who's primary draw is the game itself, rather than a character based game like DF usually runs. Any thoughts? 

I'm leaning towards doing my own game, but I fear the unknown elements of having not run a con game before. I figure I'll roll with the punches however they come, my regular group is fond of throwing them to be sure, and I'm excited about the prospect regardless.

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For anyone using minis in their game, the Reaper Bones Kickstarter has some excellent sculpts and value for minis, and ends in a couple of days. If you go in for the core pack they're >$0.70 per mini, and even if you just jump in for a dollar and individually select options you'd be getting them at far below cost. 

Everyone, Regina is being induced tomorrow for medical reasons. We're excited and anxious, and any prayers or positive thoughts are welcome.
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