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I love Autovoice, thanks so much for creating it. I just installed it on my new Pixel XL. Unfortunately, Autovoice doesn't seem to recognize OK Google commands that get to the Google Assistant. If I use the simple search widget on the home screen I see the Autovoice command toast and the target task executes as expected.

Previously (Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+) I was able to use Autovoice via "OK Google" commands, and now I'm not. I'm hoping I've missed a setting, or that this is a simple fix.

Edit: Found someone with a similar problem from earlier this year:
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I drive a long ways to visit this office, because it is worth it. Great people, snappy and punctual service, and a smart dentist who patiently listens and interacts with you honestly. I highly recommend Dr. See to anyone looking for a dentist.
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If you don't like a loud rowdy barber shop, this place is not for you. If you are a fan of these types of establishments, read on. This barber shop is probably the best barber shop in a 30 mile radius. I've now been coming here for 7-8 years and they continue to deliver great haircuts and exceptional entertainment in the form of loud mixed English and Spanish conversations/debates/arguments. I cannot possibly recommend this place highly enough, particularly on a Saturday around lunchtime or early afternoon. It's somewhat no-frills, but the service and the atmosphere are so great it's impossible not to love it. I have long hair and so I always have one of the girls cut it, but of course there are several guys there that do great work with more 'typical' dude haircuts. I've even seen them carve an LA Dodgers logo in the side of some kid's haircut. If they have time they'll even step up to a straight razor shave, which in my experience is getting a little tough to find in barber shops these days. Depending on the whims of the barbers that day, you might find a movie or a sporting event on the TV, or some music on the stereo. Today, it was lots of old rap on the stereo, which was perfectly OK with me. As a shining example of the kinds of things discussed at Sunrize Barber Shop, just now while I was there getting my hair cut and beard trimmed: 1) Despite my 49ers fandom, I was made an honorary Cowboy fan because I claimed Ventura County and knew the Cowboys had a practice facility in Oxnard. It was suggested that as a honorary Cowboys fan that I should consider changing my hair cut. It was also pointed out that the Cowboys were the first team to be broadcast widely in Mexico, in part because of place kicker Danny Villanueva. So, not only hilarious, but a little educational. 2) I started a rant by one of the barbers about Pacquiao by mentioning the recent knockout. He ranted about his conspiracy theory that Pacquiao deliberately and simultaneously exited his boxing career, got a paycheck, and gave Marquez a shot at Mayweather. 3) Two of the barbers got in a "short" vs "big" insult contest that went a few rounds and caused several of us to tear up with laughter. 4) Rants about the Lakers, the Raiders, and the Cowboys/9ers Rivalry from the 90's were heard, only one of which was by me. 5) A lady that was in there waiting her turn told us she went to school for a long time with Lorenzo from NWA. This was met with much approval. I said "That's Lorenzo as in, 'Me and Lorenzo, rollin' in the Benz-o,' right?" I got laughed at by two of the barbers, who dismissed me as a silly white boy who didn't know his rap history. I thought it through and pushed back, claiming more strongly this was an NWA Lyric. Still pushback from the barbers. I then recited the entire first verse 'F*** the Police' to PROVE I knew my NWA. I was told "Dog, you just took us all on a Yellow Bus trip right there". It was subsequently decided I was a true Mexican, despite looking like a white hippie. And that's just today's visit.
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