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Eid2015 with my home children

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Please pray for Burma's Muslim..
Really heart breaking when I see this...
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Nobel Peace Prize Holder, Aung San Suu Kyi's Inexcusable Silence on Buddhists Violence Against Muslims in Myanmar!

When it comes to the Burmese Rohingya Muslims, Aung San Suu Kyi has predictably lost her voice. No longer does this Nobel prize winning champion of human rights defend the persecuted and destitute, now this hypocritical, cold hearted woman measures her response according to the real values espoused by secular liberalism.

In the last two years the Burmese government’s ongoing persecution of the Rohingya has reached a level so untenable that these Muslims are faced with only two options, to remain and risk annihilation or flee. The current exodus of those seeking asylum is just one manifestation of genocide, which has built up over a period of years involving dehumanization, violence and harassment.

Suu Kyi’s political agenda is the immodest desire to rule Burma, and keeping the Buddhist Saffron Monks on side is essential if she’s to have any real chance. Like any power hungry wannabe waiting in the wing she, she claims the violence was not ethnic cleansing but the product of “fear on both sides”, and says the “Buddhists are suffering equally”. By speaking of an emerging “global Muslim power” as if there is a threat to Burma, she gives credibility to the vicious words of the Monk Virathu who lead the incitement to the Rohingya genocide. And so continues the farcical tradition of Nobel prize winners, as wholly complicit in genocide and war.

Now, Why and how have the Rohingya Muslims become the most persecuted peoples on earth? How can this disease of nationalism which Islam detests infect the body of the Ummah to the extent that Governments in Muslim lands have no mercy whatsoever towing stranded boats back out to sea? These questions and more need answering in this life! The suffering of Rohingya mothers and daughters must end. For indeed they are the ones who are suffering the most.

Please Visit the Following URLs:
4- onto-migrant-boats/

#rohingya   #muslim   #islam   #buddhist   #burma   #terrorism   #genocide  
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A restaurant in Qatar has a sign on its window which reads: 

'If you are hungry and have no money, eat for free!!!'.

Shadab Khan (pictured) is one of the owners of the restaurant and is originally from India. He says most of those who ask for free food are construction workers from countries such as India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Masha Allah, may Allah bless their business.

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'What difference does it make'

Asalam Alaikum
Good Morning Friends after a long return.

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