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Clay, and 2016 CYH Mahei
Our February this year is a confusing mix of warmer
spring-type weather, think April, alternating back to winter. Best to ignore
the weather now and fold myself into my puerh hobby. If you have a lot of puerh
tea, free time spent in the company of your teas...

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Re-tastes, and Re-tasting
I just received a complaint today. Yes, I know a week has
passed since my last post. Okay, more than a week. How is a person supposed to
keep track of time while drinking puerh tea? Truthfully I have been drinking a
lot of tea lately, more than usual. Inste...

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2014 Hekai Ripe and 2013 Xigui Raw
This 2014 Hekai Ripe is one of those “what the h***?” teas I found in
my stash recently, and then tracked down where I bought it from. I bought this
cake from during a period of insanity last year when I needed
more ripe teas to store for my s...

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2017 Realistic Tea Goals
Everyone has a list of tea goals for the New Year, all with
the best of intentions. Old Cwyn has no room to fail because the horde in the
background waits to pounce and raid the stash. She fends off potential visitors
regularly and the list of suitors grows...

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2015 Chen Yuan Hao Mansong Yibang
Recently I received an incredibly generous gift from a tea
friend, a group of about ten huge samples of ChenYuan Hao puerh teas. I
expected a couple of samples and got a haul that stunned me when I opened the package. So, this blog post begins a series on C...

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Causes for Sour Flavors in Puerh Tea
Recently I tried a tea recommended by a friend which I found
to be very sour, to the point where I didn’t want to continue drinking it. I’m
not a stranger to sour tea. But of course I feel bad when I think a tea is sour
because I know the reasons why. The q...

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Bang Dong and Balls: Sheng Olympics 2017
This year’s Sheng Olympics by LiquidProust Teas in
conjunction with various tea vendors is an exciting opportunity to sample a
variety of sheng puerh teas for not a lot of money. I missed out on Sheng
Olympics last year to my abiding regret, mainly after a ...

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Tea and Dehydration
Right now I’m exhausted. Three days ago my healthy eight
month old kitten suddenly fell ill with a fever, very ill. A quick trip to the
vet lead for fluids and an antibiotic shot, and I stayed up all night feeding basic hydration solution every hour or two ...

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Weighing the Tea
Weighing tea toward ideal parameters is a no-brainer for
most puerh tea drinkers. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but now I
wonder how much I actually learn from pre-measuring tea. Maybe I learn more
when I don’t. With the risk of over-thinking, I ...

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2015 Pin
2015 Pin by white2tea I have many teas in my collection yet to sample, and 2015
Pin from white2tea is one of these. This tea is still available for purchase ,
and was sent as part of last year’s tea club. The club box included a memo on
the tea which recomm...
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