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As Executive Producer of The Graham Crawford Show, I'm happy to present a really interesting one-on-one interview with Paul Berton, lifelong journalist and current Editor-in-Chief of the Hamilton Spectator. Listen as Paul discusses with Graham the future of printed newspapers, serving local news needs, the role of investigative journalism, the troubling trend of fake news, what happens during editorial meetings, and so much more. #podcast #alexzafer #zafer #thegrahamcrawfordshow #fakenews #newspaper #reporting #journalist #news

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Executive Producer, Alex Zafer: The Graham Crawford Show - our 30th podcast is a "malange" of topics. Our Civic Panel gets direct and passionate about local Hamilton City Hall politics. All shows are produced and recorded by Dave Beatty at Q.E.D. Media in downtown Hamilton. Have a listen ::

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Latest #streetphotography blog is now posted: HOW I GET INTO THE GROOVE WHEN SHOOTING STREET PHOTOGRAPHY

The flaneur is always in search for the soul of the city. And one of the best ways of getting closer to finding a city’s soul is by grabbing a camera and roaming its streets. Observing, discovering, and listening to its inhabitants. Curiously watching them go about their daily lives. Taking it to another level is usually the goal when I hit the streets. I have to prepare my mindset to get into that groove I need to be in, otherwise it's just photographing the streets. I must get into a "zone" if I even hope to come home with a keeper. #zaferphotography #alexzafer #thecandidflaneur Street Photography by Alex Zafer #alexzafer Zafer Photography #blog

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If you are shooting from the hip, they say the idea is to not use the viewfinder or the screen at all. I don't see it that way. It's really about expanding rather than putting limitations on the creative possibilities when shooting street photography. It’s about exploring new creative ways of shooting candid street photography by using all the tools made available to you. #photography #alexzafer #blog #streetphotography #zafer

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Since this website is intended to cover the many aspects of candid street photography, I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about the rights and most importantly the so-called (self-imposed) “ethics” of street shooting. Many have written on the subject. So this is hardly new. It may become a subject that I’ll cover more again in future posts. I’m trying to cover with a wide brush in this blog post. Please DO keep in mind that the information in this article is of a general nature. It does not in any way constitute formal legal advice, and should not be relied on as such. #StreetPhotography

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Introducing my new concept street photography blog site. The Candid Flaneur :: #streetphotography #alexzafer #street #photography

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On this edition of The Graham Crawford Show #podcast, our regular monthly Civic Panel discuss many different types of public engagement. Sometimes, public engagement is part of a legislated requirement related to certain kinds of public projects where residents must be consulted in order for projects to meet provincially legislated requirements. Other kinds of public engagement are driven by a goal to understand what residents would like to see happen. Sometimes that goal is real. Sometimes, it feels more like theatre.
Listen as our panel talk about what’s working well and what isn’t. And what we could be doing better. Executive Producer: Alex Zafer #grahamcrawfordshow #publicengagement   #politics  

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Listen to THIS #podcast  - what happens when four Hamilton City Councillors walk into a recording studio in #HamOnt  ? It becomes a very lively discussion about all things Light Rail Train #LRT  infrastructure investment and what it means to the long range future of a city. #TheGrahamCrawfordShow with Host Graham Crawford. Executuve Producer, Alex Zafer. Produced and recorded at Q.E.D. Media by Dave Beatty ::

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This episode of #TheGrahamCrawfordShow we cover three separate, but linked, topics about Hamilton’s politicians, our Ward boundaries, and how we see our future as a City. Think of them as strategic underpinnings of a healthy and vibrant Hamilton. Perhaps even a city that is the “best place to raise a child and to age successfully”.

Listen as our regular panelists Maureen Wilson and Peter Graefe respond to three questions:

1. Why is Hamilton seemingly so politically balkanized and what impact is it having on our city?

2. Electoral Reform/Ward boundary review - what issues might they help us address?

3. What’s working well for us a City at the moment and why? Are we dreaming big enough?

All part of the smart, progressive talk we bring to you each week on The Graham Crawford Show.

Let’s keep talking #HamOnt.

The Graham Crawford Show with your host, #GrahamCrawford

Executive Producer: Alex Zafer

All #podcast shows are produced and recorded by Dave Beatty at Q.E.D. Media studios in downtown Hamilton.
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