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+Chris Lacy Action Launcher's backup/restore feature is still bugged. I have a 5x5 desktop grid on my Galaxy Note 7. When I restored this to my new LG V20, Action Launcher reverted to 4x4, and deleted everything in the bottom row and right-hand column. The same thing occurred when I restored data from my Note 5 to the Note 7 a few months ago.

Also, row placement appears to be incorrect on the V20. When attempting to drag anything to the bottom row, I often get "No more room on favorites". I have to aim my icons at the bottom edge of the 4th row to hit the 5th correctly. This is obviously a bug.

And finally, is there any way to increase the font size for icons? Changing the font in Display settings does nothing. It doesn't even change the font face.

The current update is still a bit broken. The setting for tinted docks is reset when power cycling, and doesn't always change color when Muzei switches wallpaper. 

Bug report on my Verizon Galaxy Note 7. I backed up the settings from my old Note 5, which used a 5x5 desktop grid. However, when I import them to the Note 7, it reverts to 4x4, which frankly looks ridiculous on this giant screen, and deletes an entire row and column of data in the process.

Performing the same process from a Note 3 to the Note 5 works properly.

Allegedly, Samsung Cloud backup is built into the Note 7. Where is this mythical beast? It's not on mine. 

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Handy tool until the Note 6 (7?) ships.

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If Xiaomi can sell this for $23, why does FitBit expect over $100 for a lesser product? They're both made in China ...

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I registered an account from the IOS version of Crashlands, verified my email, and was able to login on my Android phone. But I cannot connect from the Steam version or your forums. Apparently, the BscotchID system is broken.

Obviously, I cannot seek help in the forums, so I'm hoping someone with power can fix this here. Thank you.
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