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Nail salon complete with pedicure ‘thrones’ offers a royal experience.

I really enjoyed this article about a nail salon in Jackson Heights, New York. This nail salon got very creative by deciding to create a royal theme. As you will see in the article, customers get to sit on an 8 foot tall pedicure station that is designed to look like a throne. What I really like about their design is that besides being unique, it’s not over the top. It looks nice but you can tell that the cost to decorate the salon in this manner wasn’t too expensive.

It’s interesting to see how salons find the balance between having a nice salon and being economical in the process. It’s extremely important to give your potential customers a positive first impression. If a customer comes into your salon and it does not look nice or well kept, they will most likely either not give your business or not want to come back. On the other hand if a salon is too over the top in how they decorate, it can turn a customer off because they know the cost of extravagant decorations will get passed onto them.

One other thing I thought was interesting about this salon is that guests can also snack on fresh fruit and watch movies while they wait. I really like this because it prevents potential customers from being bored. In the service industry, when a customer is waiting, seconds can feel like minutes. Having inexpensive food and entertainment available can help a customer forget they are waiting and help them enjoy their experience even more.

What do you think about what this salon has done? I’d like to hear your feedback. We’re always looking for new ideas to make sure we are making our clients 100% happy and satisfied.

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How to know if your Nail Salon is good of bad

Do you ever question if you're going to right nail salon or not? Does your tech act like you're not really there and only talks to you when it comes time to pick your color? Well, you are not alone. We have put together a checklist of what to look for in a good salon, and how you will know right away if you have walked into a bad one. From the way they clean their equipment to the way they interact with you from the moment you walk into the salon you should be able to tell right away if the nail salon knows what they are doing. Our in house expert Kim Nguyen has given us great tips to help your next mani/pedi be the best one yet. Please read this blog post and let us know your thoughts:

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