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I was at the fight now gambling time.... after classes

type "do a barrel roll" in your google search for some fun

We have a 50 man server running now. It's pretty damn smooth but we had to take a map out of rotation because of the rubber banding. If you already have an account just go to the link. 24/7 Conquest (Ranked TX 1Gbit) - Battlefield 3 Server in United States

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Chances are you will be able to get it on all carriers. Lets hope so :)

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ASUS got it right. Lets see how this all pans out.

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I like what I see with this new Ubuntu!

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You can't say he didn't do things the way he wanted and made one of the biggest comebacks ever in the tech world.

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New Hotmail app works awesome. Been waiting a long time for it.

St. Louis win Braves lose. GG Cards!

So did anyone else get BF3 downloaded yet? It's a really good game.
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