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Greetings, Sentinels!

So, if I get this thing started back up, what days and times are best for people? And who is/is not interested in continuing the game?

I've created this community to keep track of the campaign. First discussion: When are people available to play?

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Here is a link to the rules and fillable character sheets. Please don't share the rulebook.

As we prepare for the upcoming game, please use this community to discuss character ideas and ask questions about the rules or the campaign.

The most recent suggestion for how to tie the group together was as group of friends who play tabletop RPGs together. I suggested it would be cool if their animuses were their favorite gaming characters. What do people think of that?

This is just a forum for putting out information about the campaign. You can also use it for in character logs/diaries and out of character discussion.
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