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Denisa Vevurkova
Lover of traveling, photography, fashion and music
Lover of traveling, photography, fashion and music

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Good or trouble
I have always been the good kid. Never in trouble. Always did as mummy said. As far she knew anyways and even if I did misbehaved it has never been something she wouldn' t laugh at today. I did have a lot of after school activities to keep me away from trou...

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I have been trying to find the new me and combining things I like lately. But I love so much I dont know how to combine all of it no more haha. In a shortcut you can see here a taste of things that influence me and ehm.. well I dont think I am doing my best...

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I rumble. A lot
Inner Peace. What a great thing. You don't know what it is? neither. I am one of those, constantly nervous, stressed or annoyed people. Yes of course I like getting little piece of calm and I love trying to relax myself. Yet I always have little v...

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Show her around
My mum visited the other day. First time. It was her first time in the UK, in Liverpool, on the beach, in my house, meeting my boyfriend, eating at Nandos, shopping at Primark etc. A lot has gone down in her 4 day stay. Was funny, weird, we were happy and a...

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Today in a shortcut
Not every day of your life will turn out the way you want it to. That is obvious. Everyone knows that. But we all have those days when nothing goes by a plan yet you are still busy as a motherf*cker and there isn' t much that could surprise you anymore. Tod...

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My dream
I dream. I am a dreamer. Anyone close to me knows that. Or anyone reading my blog for that matter. One of my favorite things to picture in my head is my future house. HOME. I had a talk about this with someone special. What home actually means. It isn' t ne...

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How do you choose tho
I love fashion. Shocker right?! Yes I am trying to be funny and sarcastic. Welcome to random rumbles of Deni the DeniVev haha. No now seriously. One of my favorite parts of the day, except for the one where you finally go to bed, is dressing up to finally g...

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Cleanse your mind and help your body
Help your body or feel like you are about to pass out?! I go through both stages within 10 minutes of my, now pretty daily runs. It is obvious that in most cases it really is amazing for your body to run. Great work out. My reason why I started years ago is...

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Be Positive. At least a bit.
I was cruising round with my boyfriend the other day. He pointed out something I didn' t really realize bout myself before. I have moments when I just giggle. A lot. I try being happy and positive so much. All the  time. Especially in situations that get a ...

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Latest Hair Love
I am pretty proud bout the hair creations I do, but those who know me have pretty good idea of how critical I can be at the same time. I always find something I would change. Even if it is just a use of one more product at styling or different comb to do a ...
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