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A Slight Revision of My OkCupid Profile
Ok, let's be real. Yes, I am happy to "share an adventure" with you, though mostly what this seems to mean is a weekend skiing in Aspen, which is not so much an adventure as a purchased entertainment. There's nothing wrong with that; it's just not, exactly,...

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Tara Mahoney and the Whirlpool of Fate
Issue #2, forthcoming.

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Jack Be Quick
In those halcyon days before the world ended, Jack had only two speeds: dead asleep or running full tilt. Even compared to other little boys he ran a lot, and ran fast, whether in a school hallway or on a soccer field. Now, on his first day in Hawaii, he fl...

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Delusion and Disintegration in Edgar John Pettegree's Flat River
Among the fifty-three paintings bequeathed the world by artist and architect Edgar John Pettegree, one stands anomalous: Flat River, dated just weeks before his death in 1917. While nearly his whole oeuvre is infused with an architect's eye for detail, Flat...

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The Geneblaster Disaster
"Don't mess with geneblasters," repeated the captain as they scanned the wreckage of the fuel depot, the blue light of Kiki's scanner fanning out sharply in the dust-heavy night, limning a profusion of broken struts and shattered steel-mesh platforms. "Isn'...

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Hatred Never Ceases Through Hatred
If what we object to in Nazis is that they dehumanize others and commit acts of violence on that basis, then subjecting Nazis to dehumanization and violence in response solves absolutely nothing. You've given way to the thing you despise, and lent your forc...

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A Birthday in Bodhgaya
I am forty years old today, and here I am in Bodhgaya, the place of the Buddha's Enlightenment. It has a beautiful symmetry, I think: a marker at the mid-point of my life, honoring that which is most important to me, this ongoing inquiry into fundamental na...

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Clean, quiet, beautiful
Things for which, on returning to Denver, I am newly grateful: 1. Air! Beautiful, crisp, clean, gorgeous mountain air! This sweet life-giving elixir, this ambrosial ether extending to the pure untarnished cerulean! Never again will I malign you. Denver's in...

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The Ganges: River of Life and Death
On the ghat the bodies burn. It is an ancient, primeval scene, unchanged in its essence for millenia. On two concrete platforms, a smoke-blackened temple above them, five pyres burn in the late afternoon, their flames head-high. Periodically a near-naked fi...

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Delhi: Step by Step
The best thing I've found in Delhi so far, really, are my hosts here at Safe and Cozy Bed and Breakfast in Defence Colony. The B&B is family-run through AirBnB, and in fact has only one or two rooms, a true micro operation. The room itself is not too remark...
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