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Be Aware, these Actions Might Violate Your Lease Agreement!
you move into an apartment, you sign an apartment lease agreement that spells
out many specific rules to live by.  Keep
in mind that there are some actions which could violate your apartment lease
agreement, and these actions might not be immediately o...
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The Pros and cons of furnished apartments- II
apartments: The cons 1.
Your rent and security deposit might be higher. Unlike an unfurnished apartment, when you rent a furnished place, you’re not
just renting some empty rooms – you’re renting all the furniture and amenities
that are in them. Y...
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The Pros & Cons for Furnished Apartments- I
Whether you’re renting
your first apartment or just moving on up, you might ask yourself a question
that many renters face: Furnished or unfurnished? Furnished apartments are far
less common, but it might be the right choice for you if you’re a student, a t...
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Want to Buy Real Estate? Must Read!
you are willing to buy a residential or commercial property, you need to be
very cautious because it’s probably one of the biggest investments you do in
your lifetime. Investing in real estate means you’ll be putting a huge portion
of your hard earn...
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Things not to do while decorating your home
wants their home to be stylish and well-designed according to their choice and
taste. Although hiring an interior decorator is the easiest method for doing
home interior design, but this requires a good amount of budget to invest. If
you can affor...
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Downsizing of Apartments to Achieve Affordability
rising levels of inventory and weakening sales along with unaffordable prices
of housing have pushed real estate developers to reform their product
strategies. Builders across various markets are building apartments with
smaller configuration sizes to m...
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Indian Architecture- III
Secular Architecture The
colonial attention towards Indian architecture was mainly focused towards
religious buildings and hence there is much scholarship in this area. In recent
times, the secular production of India is gaining the attention it merits.
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Indian Architecture- II
The Hindu Temples The
reference to temples in literature go back early with Panini (520 BC - 460 BC)
and Patanjali mentioning temples which were called ‘’Prasadas’’. Early
beginnings of Hindu temple architecture have been traced to the remains at
Aihole and...
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Indian Architecture- I
Ancient Indian Architecture Indian
architecture is that vast tapestry of production of the Indian Subcontinent
that encompasses a multitude of expressions over space and time, transformed by
the forces of history considered unique to the sub-continent, some...
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A note on furnished apartments
Did you shift your base
to a new city recently? And are you worried about shelling out extra money to
arrange the furniture and furnishings for your new place? Don’t be; opt for a
furnished apartment as it is best suited for all your requirements. Furnished...
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