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ZiNG is a powerful low-cost MultiMessenger for mobile phones with rewards.
ZiNG is a powerful low-cost MultiMessenger for mobile phones with rewards.


New version of ZiNG for #BlackBerry available

v.1.1.0 update features

- Uses BlackBerry Push Services for BIS enabled devices
- Non-BIS users can now use Internet APN for connectivity
- Message List (OS6+) and Inbox (OS5+) for push notifications
- Substantial battery savings for BIS enabled users when in background mode
- Send Map Co-ords on OS5 devices that support CellSite
- BlackBerry Maps API for viewing GPS locations
- Image sending updated (can also take pictures from camera)
- Many UI enhancements
- Performance enhancements
- Multiple bug fixes

We welcome your feedback on this new version. Enjoy :)
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Interesting Tip of the Day:

Price of SMS compared to Data

I realise that this has been written about extensively, but in the light of the new CellC R0,99 per Meg prepaid data rate, I thought we should do some comparisons to SMS costs, for a consumer and then an advertiser

1. Compare Cost of SMS to IM - Consumer

On CellC's new 99c prepaid rate, SMs are a fixed R0.50 and Per Meg rate is R0.99 (P.S. the cheapest prepaid rates in SA)

So to send 160 characters costs the CellC prepaid subscriber R0.50

To send the same message across the Internet using IM using the average Chat size of 40 Characters (acording to +ZiNG network please note you will only pay for the characters you use, unlike SMS where you are always paying for 160 characters) costs R0.00004.

Therefore IM is 3,783 Times cheaper than sending an SMS * :-) * <3

2. Compare Cost of Bulk SMS to using Mobile Internet - Advertiser

Often I see SMS marketers claim SMS is extremely cheap to market to consumers, well buying SMS at bulk costs on average about R0.20 in South Africa. Using the same rates as prepaid rates on CellC that means using SMS instead of Mobile Internet is 1,513 times cheaper

3. Compare SMS data charges to downloading a video or a song on Mobile Data

Finally realizing this is not the right comparison but still interesting.

The average length of an iTunes song is 3 min 55 secs with a size of 4.08 Mb
The average length of a Youtube video is 1 min 30 secs and average size is 4,39 Mb

That would mean it would cost.........

to Download an iTunes song using SMS data Rates - R15,279 /song
to Download an Youtube video using SMS data Rates - R16,440 /video


Makes one think:

So next time you want to send an SMS, use +WhatsApp or +ZiNG instead.

If you are thinking of using SMS as a marketing channel because you have been told its cheap, realise it is not, but it is UBIQUITOUS.

Finally feel lucky that Mobile Operators charge for data differently and did not use the SMS data plans, though saying that prepaid Data is still expensive compared to Bundled data.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments

Over and out
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We have a new Zone called Alice, an artificial intelligence chatbot to keep you amused with "her" answers to your questions. (Quick Add 1100)

Try asking her "Who are your favourite celebrities?" or "What is your religion?" :) #instantmessaging
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Guy walks down the street happily #texting away when...
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The Android version of ZiNG has a new update (v1.007).

New in this version
1. Push notifications (requires Google Play login)
2. Notifications now show message contents
3. Tested ICS compatible
4. Improved switching between cellular and Wifi
5. Bug fixes
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It's been about 6 weeks since ZiNG launched. The ZiNG team have posted an update about this experience at

Be sure to also scroll down to watch an insightful video interview.
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We've added an information Zone called ZiNG Info which has some of the stuff you need to know about using ZiNG, as the name implies.

You can find it by browsing Zones or Quickadd 0001. We'll constantly add tips as we learn about ZiNg users.
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One of ZiNG's outstanding features is the ability to share content within Zones with a group or individuals. Chat messages can also be copied or sent to other apps (Android). #IM #Chat
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ZiNG has an in-app support query system where users can reach out to the ZiNG Support staff directly.
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ZiNG prides itself on being compatible with just about any wap-compatible mobile phone. Even the simplest J2ME Basic version supports most ZiNG features. Check out our comparison chart to find out the capabilities of each version -
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