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Just wanted to comment on a couple of things, first and foremost is HTC's work on touch latency which has ruined all other touchscreens for me. I have another phone which I use for work, a touch screen laptop, and a Nexus 7. I find the nexus 7 slow to react and really difficult to use at the side of my HTC 10, so good work there :)

Also thought I'd share a couple of my photos I've taken, I'm pretty damned happy with the camera :D the last Is a low light selfie with he front facing camera, optical image stabilisation makes detail really good :) 
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Love a simplistic look 😍

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After a ten hour shift of work, screen on time of 45 minutes, I'm happy too finish a ten hour shift and get home with 77% of my battery left!:)

Just got the March security patch for my phone here in the UK, says it also fixes some bugs so will let you know if anything stands out too me. Worth noting if your from the UK, mine is unlocked (even though I bought through o2?) 

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This cute (incredibly fast) little puppy was no match for the s7 edge.

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Just had to install an update for the s7 edge already, only for it to actually be Samsung forcing another news app on me. Most people seem to have the 'briefing pane' on the home screen, but I have something called 'upday' for some reason...

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So I came from the galaxy s6, what's your guys opinion on the fingerprint scanner placement? Front or back?
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Back( Nexus imprint)
Front (samsung and other manufacturers)

I love my jawbone up3, its a really discreet and beautiful device and the insights are incredibly useful. However the app has stopped syncing properly lately, and as of today it no longer pulls in food logged within myfitnesspal.

Can anybody suggest an alternate? I'd preferably have one which also worked with my withings scales! :)


True to say, I'm feeling knackered. Gym session wiped me.

Had an awesome workout today, time to get back into it!
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