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David Chan
JavaScript, shiny things, House.
JavaScript, shiny things, House.


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Check it out -- we’re working with a handful of social media management companies to test Google+ functionality in their tools. This effort will roll out gradually, initially to a subset of their clients to help manage their Google+ pages.

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Self help
[Feel-Good Friday: You're only as good as the company you keep.]

The older I get, the more I realize how true this is.

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ZOMG... Nyan Dog at the Google Office!
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How to test Google+ Ripples before they roll out to everyone

Google just launched Google+ Ripples, a way to visualize the impact of any public post. Here is how you can test it with your own posts before it rolls out to everyone.

1. Pick any of your public posts
2. Copy the last string in the URL that comes after posts/
Example: /posts/WaxKcm4eCCA
3. Head to
4. Replace the string after activityid= with your own
5. Watch the magic happen

#Gplus #HowTo

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I am the biggest gadget geek, but I have to admit this is true ...

What would you make with the current (limited) G+ api?

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Even in a galaxy far away...

A recruiter spams me with a job posting and puts URGENT in the subject. Bad for me but maybe gives some hope for the new comp sci grads.

There's a father and son duo walking in front of me, both wearing pink polos with popped collars. I think there could be a reality show here.
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