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new sex+! i found a bunch of pro-anorexia blogs & we are.
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Thin is good, nice boney hips and rib cages protruding through skin hanging off what is left of the muscle tissue...
Can you do an episode about body hair Laci?
I remember she did one on pubic hair (that's how i found the channel), but i don't remember one on body hair. One on arm pit hair would be amusing too.
Great video, Laci. I have dated someone with this issue and was hard to see her put herself through it. I wanted to help but there is only so much that I can do. =(
+Laci Green Thank you for sharing this. I have watched here in America as the lines between healthy and anorexic have been smeared and blurred to make women feel that they are completely out of control if they eat a healthy diet. What was beautifully healthy from the 1940's through the 1970's when the women's movements were so strong has been shoved aside as has the voice that women fought so hard for. These women endured great pain for men to turn the tables and once again shove them aside while using media to make them feel less adequate. All the media driven circus has done is created even worse conditions for women than they already had to deal with before winning their freedoms. The whole thing is sad on so many levels.
It was on Dr Oz a few days ago. Why anyone would do this to themselves is beyond my understanding.
@Vince Laurent - Control. Its about not being able to control their lives in other areas, so they control what they put into their body and what they get out of it.
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