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Well, they are boobs after all.
As Bill Hicks said, people working in advertising or marketing are "Satan's little helpers" :).
I love you Laci, seriously, keep being you.
I'm not actually sure what the big deal is about them. Like... They're wobbly bits, I guess?
Boobs obsession is an inherently western mindset and cultural conditioning. I found it strange when coming to UK how big boobs are so important and girls shove that cleavage out.
I love boobs, I don't think of it as an obsession, I don't dream about them at night (not anymore but dammit I wanna) and the one thing I find to be true in 98% of all hetero-leaning men, is the best set of boobs they (I) am going to see is the next. yeah there are like 2% of men who are straight and not interested in boobs, 1% are fixated on other less important things and the other are angelic or vegetative or both.
a lot of men will deny this unless they are in a bar or hooters or drunk in which case they will film it and post it to you tube before thinking that might not have been such a good idea
Loving my own breasts has been a huge challenge. I've posed fully nude for the #nudephotorevolutionary calendar, and have no issue with revealing them, but sometimes still get awkward about the way they look. Thank you for this video, Laci!
Dear lady-friends
Know how to prevent sagging ?
Just eat food until the wrinkles fill out !
@Laci Green: Girl, you have AWESOME BREAST!! I for one, would NOT complain about them, AT ALL!! All those guys that were complaining about YOUR BREAST, are a BUNCH OF SPOILED BRATS, WITH NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR LIFE BUT TO HATE ON PEOPLE!!  They simply loook... [LOVELY].  In fact, you are a very B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L LADY!! :D  I hope this helps. ^_^
+Stuart Paton  I am sorry but, I am quite confused about what you have said there. Can you give me more of an explanation for me? xD
OOOOOoooohhh.... LOL  I see what you did there. I guess I missed that little itty bitty detail. xD  Well, beggars can't be choosers. jk lol
"ETHICS", as my father says (posting on his account while taking care of him in what he calls his last days, I disagree). "COURAGE" is the other word he would use.

How much sexual intimacy a woman has is her decision(s)! The decision to have sex or not always has consequences, but NOT the consequences of those who love to divide, hate and belittle others, stroke their own egos. Once a person is raised to hate, then she/he will hate anyone, even their parents.

One time the U.S. women were property, something to sell or trade, certainly not the right to vote. The Emancipation Proclamation not only freed those in slavery but also the forced trade of women into marriage. A woman less than a person, merely a vessel.

Men on any race could vote but not women. How did a Constitutional Amendment pass when women had no voice/vote?

"COURAGE" to make a change! Question he would ask: "In a woman a person?" If you say yes, then she is entitled to ALL rights, freedoms, liberty as anyone else (males) PERIOD! Disagree to any point is "Unethical" imposing your own selfishness, that is called TYRANNY.

The blood/pain was less than what I received in return. My father said he was different, he never wanted a virgin. To have sex with someone who is scared, going through pain, not knowing what to do. Are there really women who want to go through such on their wedding night? Is that what a man wants on his wedding night? No sex just after until a few days when the pain goes away?
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