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I went to my first industry training today. It's for ACL (Audit Command Language), a program we're learning to use.
It was in the government sector downtown, in what appeared to be an abandoned building and had all the old world charm of an out of date hospital from the 70's. Basement area at that. We thought we were scammed into a kidney harvesting scheme for a while until we found the room. Anyway, the instructor likes to start every training with an icebreaker. Today, he chose to play this song on the projector.

Songify This - CAN'T HUG EVERY CAT -- a song about loving cats

That's right. I'm bringing in the big money by watching cat videos online in a poorly lit basement. Living the dream, people. Living the dream.

Started my new position as Compliance Investigator Monday. I'll be rooting out fraud and general stupidity. I'm hoping part of the dress code requires a badge and some sort of detective hat, and that part of the job requirements is foiling one financial aid based supervillain per aid year

So I was reading the wikipedia article on Col. Gadaffi. If it's to be believed, he has the following odd habits...

While traveling abroad he only stays in a tent.
He dislikes flying over water.
He refuses to take an airplane trip longer than eight hours.
He can only be on the ground floor of buildings, and will not climb more than 35 steps.

It reads like he's some sort of faerie tale villain who could be thwarted if you trap him in two conflicting self imposed geasas.

Trying to get in the habit of posting on Google +...

Planet of the Apes review - This story could've been stopped at the beginning, middle, and end of the movie if all the major and supporting characters, including the monkey, took a basic ethics exam. Also, monkeys are sociopaths. Therefore, raising them and expecting them to conform to human norms is a foolish notion at best.

Sidenote - This would never happen in my administration, should I become a leader in any capacity.
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