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How is easy to work with JSON in SQL SERVER 2016 ?
If you are a developer then surely you might have used JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) but, if not then don’t worry
you might use sooner than later. JSON is kind of ecosystem which is most popular in the various area for exchanging the data. If you talk ...

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How easy it is to implement Row Level Security in SQL SERVER 2016 ?
To understand RLS (ROW LEVEL SECURITY) let’s understand the
different problems first. Problem 1 Suppose, you have a Multi-tenant e-commerce
website and different companies registered on your website and you have
centralized single database for all the cl...

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Why Do People Think Dynamic Data Masking is a Good Idea? - SQL SERVER 2016 #5
Data security is always one of the important points which can not be ignored.
Nowadays if you are working for any specific domain like Banking or Healthcare
then there are a lot of compliance rules which you have to follow. Data Masking is one of the best...

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How DATEDIFF_BIG a new feature of SQL SERVER 2016 Can Keep You Out of Trouble
In the series of SQL SERVER 2016, this is a new post. in this post, we will
discuss DATEDIFF_BIG and how it is helpful. So, before jumping into directly in technical details, we all know that time
is very important and every second valuable and countable ...

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If You Read One Article About Split String in SQL SERVER 2016s Read this One #3
In the Series of SQL SERVER 2016, this is another post.
Before Jumping in detail just think if you have a comma or other separator
string and if you have to split it by separator field then for such task  in
previous SQL SERVER versions either you will w...

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Do you know Compress & Decompress function in SQL SERVER 2016 ?
This is another article in the series of SQL SERVER 2016 Journey . I am pretty much sure you might aware of Gzip Compression
algorithm . If not then try  this link . So, SQL SERVER 2016 introduce this two awesome functions for
C ompress & Decompress the d...

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Here Come New Ideas for DROP IF EXISTS in SQL SERVER
In the Series of SQL SERVER 2016 journey , this is our new
article. In this article, we are sharing a new cool feature which introduced in SQL SERVER 2016 which is DROP IF EXISTS (DIE)
. In our development many times it happens that we need to drop a tabl...

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9 Amazing features of SQL SERVER 2016
Although, I know I am bit late to share this thing on our blog but it says in
Indian proverb “Der aai durust aai” means it’s OK you came late but you came
that is more important. Anyways, so you all might aware that Microsoft launched SQL SERVER
2016 off...

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MS Build 2016 Live Streaming
Watch Live streaming of MS BUILD 2016
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