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Psychological Harassment Information Association
A page about workplace psychological harassment, sexual harassment, coercive tactics, discrimination, psychological manipulation, bullying, mobbing, mental health, stress management, depression prevention, suicide factors, occupational health, and other related issues.
A page about workplace psychological harassment, sexual harassment, coercive tactics, discrimination, psychological manipulation, bullying, mobbing, mental health, stress management, depression prevention, suicide factors, occupational health, and other related issues.

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Body Shaming Poem
#Trudeau #Uguay
Some people said I have a tummy a bit flabby,
I said my last girlfriend didn't care,
Wanted me to dress like a polar bear,
Something about unfinished fantasies,

Too be funny,
I said in the dark you cannot tell,
If dressed like a rabbit or polar bear,
Until you reach for the ears,

She said be quiet,
Slept on top of me all night,
I felt used like a rug,

I'm a poet and did not know it,
Is this a story or a poem,
I do not know I'm not Uguay the poet,
Charlie Xray.
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Mobbing Research: QC Canada Secret Police
#Trudeau #Charbonneau
The secret police use a deception in QC Canada on unaware citizens being repressed, depleted, homeless, ..

The deception consists of using a pretense of protection, while actually looking for good opportunities to assault targeted citizens with xrays from behind walls, sitting areas, washrooms, from above, below, etc, during sleep, etc, Terminal Illness Homicides

Here are Secret Police Categories:
1. Some wait to be dispatched to spray a targeted citizens back, smear their things with cokk cheez, attack their personal hygiene used by secret police to justify assaulting them with xrays, using focused ultrasound to burn their lungs, testicles,.., inflict brain damage, brain lesions, blood vessel ruptures, etc. And justify expelling them .. "stay outside".
2. Some wait with fake focused ultrasound integrated laptops to be dispatched, sit directly in front, in back, near a targeted citizens to inflict the lung burns, .. , brain lesions when HDW in place is not enough .. "stay outside".
3. Some wait with portable Xray Units for opportunities, to be dispatched to assault a targeted citizen sitting in a sitting area, a washroom, or some other pre-configured sitting area like from below, for example, other secret police participants making sure other sitting places, tables, etc, are occupied.
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My UN 2 Degrees

Natives probably predicted a long time ago that the White Man's medieval pattern of destroying everything in attempts to control everything would one day catch up to him, he'll destroy the world, destroy the planet it's self. Kill all the animals, poison the water, cut all the trees, the White Man's way to control, subjugate other men.

Ironically, the White Man is very smart too, knows of past patterns, climate change, mass extinctions, their causes but even with this knowledge he cannot control his own pattern of destruction for control. Instead he destroys real activists to replace them with those he controls, tries to hide the cause for his own interests and control. "We are not Dinosaurs" referring to past mass extinctions said one high ranking UN member. No, we are not dinosaurs, we are the White Man, pattern is to destroy everything to control everything, try to hide it. So, while saying this "we are not dinosaurs", talking about 2 degrees, carbon markets, carbon taxes, the White man is using modern day industrial equipment to deforest the planet at a rate never seen before. "not dinosaurs" but much worse combined with the ongoing man made runaway climate change conditions that are killing Carbon Capture Species World Wide. Rising CO2, Falling O, .. heat, drought, wildfires, ocean acidification, changed ocean currents, floods and rising seas, ..

Love the Conservative (radicals) cycles of taking wealth, Liberal (secret police) cycles of austerity measures too.
QC Canada
Abenaki (QC, USA)
#ActOnClimate #ClimateChangeMassExtinction 
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Tech Support Horror Story From QC Canada
Years ago I called bell about their router, configurations, backdoor access. It turns out backdoor access by Bell Tech Support, to help users, change configurations, could not be blocked, removed. The discussion went like this "I use a router to keep Ice Holes out .. it's just us, Bell Tech Support" .. "I use a router to keep Ice Holes out .. it's just us, Bell Tech Support" .. round and round .. I had to buy another router.

Basically, the secret police are everywhere, Bell included, create openings, let in other people "it's not us, it's crime, organized crime" etc. The basic secret police hidden subjugation pattern used in QC Canada, for all things.. #WomenInScience 
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Concordia University @@Concordia tweeted 2017: #CUopenhouse is Sunday, Feb 12! It'll be jam-packed full of things to see & do. Wondering where to start? Try here:

"How to commit murder and get away with it" Not sure why they asked again but here goes: Using participants and security cameras you wait until the targeted victim sits at a sitting area with a wall behind them, like U Campus Washrooms, and security guards assault them with a portable Xray Unit from behind the wall to give them long term deadly lung cancer, bone cancer (Ugay), brain cancer .. #WomenInScience #Poetry
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Conservatives, cycle of taking wealth, conservative values ..
Liberals, cycle of "civil rights" .. LGBT

Before electing a Liberal secret police participant in hidden subjugation from QC Canada, real civil rights activists have to be repressed, murdered, aka Police and Government corruption, depletion, homelessness, Xray Assaults, Terminal Illness. Once elected the new Liberal Government start their PR, another cycle of "civil rights", HeForShe, LGBT, ..

For PHIA this started in 2011 "uttering threats towards women", Police, Government corruption, depletion combined with radar assaults, focused ultrasound .. , xray assaults. Once elected Trudeau continues to ignore issue, his 1st priority is the Terminal Illness needle, PR for HeForShe, LGBT,

During winter temperatures in QC Canada the secret police, City, SPVM (RCMP), STM, .. , Universities, etc are all about focused ultrasound, xray assaults, cokk cheez (smell bad) .. cornering repressed citizens with homelessness. (MLepine typed suicide note 2 days after death says it is not this, it's women)

... so, why do real civil rights activists need to be repressed?
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FBI (@@FBI) tweeted Jan 19, 2017: January is Nat'l Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month, & the FBI is stepping up efforts to combat the crime.

What I understand is that the use of focused ultrasound everywhere in a City, a Province, QC Canada, everywhere: from neighboring homes, in shopping centers, 24/7 coffee houses, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, STM Metros, STM Trains, Buses, public libraries, University campus and libraries, Trudeau Int'l Airport, etc, to burn lungs, stomach, testicles,.., inflict brain lesions, heart, liver damage and the use of xray type assaults from behind walls in attempts to inflict deadly cancers also everywhere in a City, a Province, QC Canada, can only be done under secret police hidden subjugation, phony Democrasy. "not competent for weapon type" "no equipment" - City Police, RCMP . This cannot happen in the USA, a real Democrasy, and the FBI has already posted arrests, incarceration for xray type weapons.

A component of secret police hidden subjugation is black money needed to sustain it's reduced visibility, reduce the visibility of tyranny, hidden subjugation, is money from drug trafficking and the sex trade #HumanTrafficking

It's Gay men who try to corner other men through winter temperatures, secret police does not exist in QC Canada..

Who would you vote for as a Canadian citizen from QC Canada (with Native background too, Abenaki) 1) Conservatives (radicals), Western, cycles of taking wealth and deficits, control of wealth, jobs, businesses, etc, repression through poverty, homelessness, hate Quebec 2) Liberal (secret police), a secret police participant from QC Canada involved in hidden subjugation of QC Canada, repression, oppression, corruption, homicides, .. , repression through corruption, depletion, homelessness combined with the mentioned weapons, homicides.. not a Democrasy, a phony Democrasy, hidden subjugation and tyranny.
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Xray Assault Homicides
BERRI-UQAM is basically thin durock and plastic when McGill is covered in Calcium (like lead) tiles, Lionel-Groulx in thick bricks + thick iron mica black granite, Guy Concordia has Metal wall with tiles and thick black granite, .. as for metal frame work, we want lumber frame work to be banned everywhere, including residential homes.

It's a race, we lost, they raced to deforest, pocket billions in wood harvesting, CO2 deficit increased, chain reaction is now runaway Rising CO2, climate change, drought, wildfires, acidification of oceans, melting polar caps, warmer oceans, changed ocean currents, .. Carbon Capture Species (trees, kelp, coral, plankton, etc,) are dying World Wide.

In my case, the Police, Government, Secret Police were racing to deplete me, inflict financial losses, and attempt to inflict deadly cancers. I know what I was using to protect myself while I defended my self in court against Police and Secret Police false allegations, Government malicious persecution, a Faraday Cage (radar) with metal, calcium tiles (xrays), etc, water bottles (focused ultrasound). I see their xray assaults at different places in the Cities, I know what the secret police is doing, and I see the protection measures for some, removal of any protection for others.

To make it fun .. world ending crisis .. I asked the Worlds Richest Man, Bill Gates for help, he could not but gave 1 billion to climate change .. maybe Trudeau, Prince Charles, or Hollande (dark sarcasm)
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Focused Ultrasound Aimed at Lungs
Hidden Subjugation QC Canada
Focused ultrasound aimed at the lungs by STL at Mortmorancy seems to be from the BOSE speakers. This is similar to ConcordiaU in Montreal, Quest hardware of STM. BOSE speakers also seen at Complex Desjardins and Trudeau Int'l Airport where focused ultrasound is also used. It seems to be a play of words that I first heard in Paris by secret police who are involved in trying to corner targeted citizens "you have to Boss" for the Police, City, Gov, etc.

Basically, the STM, Complex Desjardins, Alexis Nihon (Shopping Centrs), Trudeau Airport, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, 24/7 coffee houses, Public Libraries, etc, are using focused ultrasound to burn lungs, stomach, testicles, .. , inflict brain lesions, damage heart, liver of targeted citizens (repression, civil rights activists). The STL is doing the same, all part of Secret Police network in QC Canada. This is combined with xray type assaults from behind walls, washrooms, sitting areas, from below, above, at these same locations including the Guy-Favreau Complex Federal Building. The use of these weapons involve City Police and RCMP corruption, two examples are using these, this network combined with 1) City Police false allegations, smear campaigns, prevent following lawsuits, etc, and 2) City Police, RCMP, refuse to take complaints, evidence, "not competent for weapon type" "no equipment" etc, hidden subjugation, homicides, humantrafficking, etc
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Xray Assaults in STM Metros
Concordia has recently been covered in Metal and Black Granite (Iron Mica), similar to McGill (Ca Earth Metal) and Lionel-Groulx. BERRI-UQAM is being remade in Plastic.
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