I don't see a lot of anti-Israeli sentiment in my stream over the current situation. But, just in case...

Really people, what would you do if you were the leader of a population who was being targeted by rocket attacks? Wouldn't you use violence to make the attacks stop?
I am so sick of hearing how evil Israel is from people who actually believe that Israel is an apartheid state, that Israel is occupying Gaza, and that any response by Israel to the constant rockets from Gaza is disproportionate. I read how Israelis don't have anything to worry about. They're safe in their beds, unlike those poor Palestinians, because the death toll tells us so. Not many Israelis have died, so Israel is just complaining about nothing.

Someone just told me, to my utter and complete disbelief, that if you look at the news pictures of "those border towns in Israel, they're all practically empty"!!! WTF? NO! You are wrong. The city of Sderot has a population of about 24,000 people. I have friends that live just a couple miles from Gaza city in a little Israeli village of a hundred or so families. Around them are many more little villages like that. They aren't empty buildings. They are towns and villages and small cities. 

But now the rockets are reaching all the way to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. So, you wanna tell me again how safe the Israelis are in their beds? 

Look, I'm not anti-Palestinian. Quite the opposite. I look forward to the day when we can have a two state solution. I was so hopeful when Israel pulled out of Gaza that we would see the Palestinians thrive in their own mini-country and that the peace there would lead to the West Bank joining Gaza as part of a free Palestine. I was horrified to watch as the rocket attacks from Gaza didn't stop after the Israeli pullout in 2005, but actually increased. I was horrified when the Gazans elected Hamas, an organization recognized internationally as a terrorist organization, to lead their government. I hoped that even then, we'd find a way to make peace. 

When you talk about the current blockade of Gaza, remember that it started when Hamas won that election. Remember for a moment the tension when that happened. I do. I was in Israel at the time. Remember what happened next, too, as Hamas members went on a rampage and killed their opposition, both members of Fatah and those who simply didn't agree with Hamas. 

Remember also that it isn't just Israel blockading the strip. They are also blockading Gaza. If that weren't true, there would be no effective blockade. So, why do you think that is? Just because Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel? That might have been an excuse before the Arab Spring, but these days you can hardly imagine that's what's got Egypt blockading Gaza now. No, Egypt is just as afraid of the consequences of Hamas being in power as Israel is. 

But wait, before you call me a warmonger or a hawk, just wait. Give me an idea, anything, that can make a difference here. Unilaterally give the Palestinians all of the West Bank just like we did with Gaza? Ummm... if that didn't work when we handed over Gaza, why would it work now? Stop the blockade entirely and watch the flow of more weapons as they enter Gaza and then duck and cover as they shower on our cities? That's a great idea! Not.

International community, you say you want Israel to be better, be less evil, be more proportionate. OK, great. Then step up and YOU protect Israel. Acknowledge that Israelis aren't just European colonialists, but actually have a right and a reason to be in Israel. Acknowledge that Palestinians have agency and responsibility for their actions. Acknowledge that we all have a right to live without terrorism or fear of attack by drone or missile or rocket or smart bomb or bus bomb...

And while you are at it, do me a favor. Create a world where I can walk outside in the UK with a sweater that says "Tel Aviv Ice Rink" in Hebrew and not be afraid that I'm going to beaten up for it. That would be nice, too.
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