Games occupy an interesting place for me in my general desire to avoid DRM and insist on only free software.

Games generally require very significant art assets. Things that are not part of the code behind the game. I'm OK with them not being free software, for the most part. Though I think game engines should be made Open Source if it's at all practical.

I'm not really OK with them having DRM at all.

But Steam is about the best DRM there is. Its only real failings are that it makes it hard to share a game with your friends, and it relies on Steam to stay in business for your collection to remain viable. Both things are pretty important, but they do not especially interfere with the experience of playing a game.

OTOH, the most recent fiasco involving a particular organization I shall not mention that has a history and reputation of selling games that are DRM-free and cross-platform selling a ton of games that aren't really angers me.

I helped them build their brand because of their seeming commitment to cross-platform DRM-free games. It angers me to have them take all that loyalty and free advertising and then not actually do what they seemed to be promising to do.
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