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One thing I've never understood about Slashdot...

Anybody from any of the soft sciences is almost violently dismissed. Very especially if they try to say anything about 'hacker culture' or 'nerd culture'.

I don't actually understand this. Why are people there so violently opposed to the idea that there is a community and culture to geek-dom. I mean, Slashdot is almost proof positive that they're wrong?
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It's because people who still read Slashdot aren't part of this demographic.
It means you're stuck in your old-fashioned ways.
I still sometimes use Slashdot as an ok place to get a list of tech stories that I might want to read, but the comments have been getting closer and closer to youtube comment level quality over time -- I try to never look at those :)
+Frank Wierzbicki - I've actually not been able to find a news aggregator that's nearly as worthwhile. And I sometimes find value in the comments. Though I will agree that their quality overall is low.
I still regularly check Slashdot, but I've even found the articles to be more inflammatory over the past couple of years. Not quite as much technical content, and more content about someone speculating on something. The comments are about the only worthwhile aspect of Slashdot. There is usually a better link to a more reasonable take on the particular outrage of the day.
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