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I think about anything and everything.
I think about anything and everything.

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This is quite nifty. And a fun animated gif too.
This supermassive black hole was kicked out of the center of a distant galaxy! By what? One explanation for this propulsive energy is that the monster object was given a kick by gravitational waves unleashed by the merger of two large black holes. Find out more:
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Screenshots considered harmful

I've noticed a really disturbing and annoying trend. People are posting screenshots of error messages and other things to forums. This upsets me for a variety of reasons.

First, it makes it more of a pain to look at them. I frequently keep my windows less than full screen. and I sometimes look at things on my phone. Screenshots scale very poorly in these environments. Also, if I want to scale them up, they do awfully there too and end up looking pixelated if I want to make them large.

Second, you've just kept a whole bunch of useful data from being indexed. Nobody can Google the error message you saw and see the answer someone's about to give you. You're basically making absolutely sure the solution to your problem will never help anybody else.

This was the big problem with fax machines, and why they were and are evil and wrong. They are more often than not used to send stuff printed by a computer. The computer had that originally as nice data. Data you could edit or search or have a program scrape and automatically turn into data you could use. And you just destroyed it all and turned it into a horrible mess of useless pixels.

Why!? Why do you want to do that?! What's so hard about cutting & pasting? You got that error message in a terminal window. Every single stupid terminal I've ever seen makes it easy to cut & paste. Trivial even. Why can't you do it?! Isn't it harder to do a screen shot?

Maybe it's the influx of Windows people who are now doing Unix/Linux stuff because Windows has basically lost. Maybe they got so used to doing screen shots because Windows has no useful way to interact with things on the command line and you have to show people all the stupid little doo-dads on your GUI so they can figure out your problem for you. I don't know.

Whatever it is, please STOP! Screenshots are horrible things that you should only do when you can't do anything else. They are data destroying inconveniences that make the world a worse place. Please stop doing them. Please?!

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A trade summit about Africa with no Africans... just like making laws about prostitution designed to protect prostitutes without asking any actual prostitutes.
No annual African global trade summit this year in California. All the Africans were denied US visas.

"The countries affected included Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa."

It is disappointing to me that g++ has a native __float128 type, but did not bother with any niceties, like defining anything reasonable for ::std::numeric_limits<__float128>.

And there is the libquadmath library for doing trigonometric functions and other important functions on __float128s, but including it doesn't insert overloads into the ::std namespace so you can use ordinary sin, cos and have it decide which to use based on the argument type.

In short, __float128 support is kind of anemic and broken. :-/ I wonder if the gcc people would be amenable to fixing this. At the very least, ::std::numeric_limits<__float128> shouldn't be the total fail (it silently gives you the wrong answer) it currently is.

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To me, this makes a lot of sense. Dark matter is currently the skeleton of our universe. Galaxies are scattered like pearls within vast filaments of dark matter that thread our cosmos.

In the very early universe, dark matter would've been too 'hot'. It would've been distributed a lot more uniformly. And so large scale structures like galaxies would not be able to use it as a backbone on which to build. Though, I don't think that's really the right analogy. Maybe a magnet would be a better one?

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Seattle people, this is relevant to your interests. It's about grizzly bears:
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