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I am going to run a SWd6 adventure at a convention. I want to run "Starfall" from Classic Adventures Volume Five. I may need to cut it down. Anyone have an idea if the adventure is too long for a four hour block. (if so I will cut it down). I am not sure of how long it plays. 

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It has to be said.

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FFG GW RPGs bye bye?

Calling all math whizzes. I am working on an RPG project and I need arithmetic help. I need to know how to calculate the probability of rolling x on at least y number of z number of six-sided dice. For example, what are the odds of rolling "1" on three of 6d6? Or "1 or 2" on four of 8d6. Not a total, but that number on each of the separate dice. Such as rolling "4,5,1,1,1" and determining the odds that three "1s" were rolled, rolling 6d6, rolling "451326"- what was the odds of rolling the both 1's and 2's.

I hope I communicated that well enough to get the idea across.

Thanks in advance.

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My first in a series about 3D printing.

I will be running a Conspiracy X 2.0 adventure at RinCon in Tuscon AZ. It will be at 2PM on October first. It is called "Touched By An Alien."

Reading the new English language version of "The Dark Eye?" It has some crunch and a crazy way to make skill checks. This game really needs a character generation tool.

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I enjoy reading really bad games. Sometimes I am even tempted to try the games (if they are playable; some are not like Fantasy Wargaming: The Highest Level of All). If one of these awful games had a one-shot adventure at a convention, do you think I might get a couple of players as curious as I am just to try it? Or if I list it will I just get nothing? I am gauging what the interest might be. I am thinking a World of Synnibarr one-shot because I can basically make anything up as crazy as it might be (flying laser bears would br there, of course).

Downside maybe trying to explain how the game works.

I am serious about this idea so please don't rail on me. The point it to revel in the badness for four hours and say, "yeah, I played that."
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You will get someone.
You are going to sit alone.

Its been a few months since i have seen anything about the game from the creator. I hope everytihng is okay.
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