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Have you ever seen the rain...
Have you ever seen the rain...

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+FlexJobs specializes in searching the internet for jobs so you don't have to. Ironically, it has such poor combined search, sort, and filter functionality, that the site leaves you to scroll aimlessly through old postings often completely unrelated to the query string.

- Aggregating jobs here so you can be frustrated in one single place.

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I am tired of the +Play Store downloading tons of updates while I'm activity using the device - especially when I first arrive at home after work, but also while I'm watching streaming videos, trying to surf the web, etc. What's the deal? It stays plugged in and on WIFI all night, every night.

Auto-update disabled. Done.

Am I blind??? What happened to adding people to specific circles on here? I still have circles, but now I can only figure out how to add people to "following".

Hey +Starbucks Coffee. Thought I'd ping you here as well as pinging you for the second time on your website feedback form. No one contacted me regarding my first attempt...

This is regarding your "Reserve" subscription. From a technical standpoint, it's been a bumpy ride.

"Starting to be very disgruntled.

Second attempt to contact you. Please respond before I have to place a stop payment on my subscription service. My password stopped working. Your site won't send me email resets when I give it my email address. You randomly doubled my subscription. I can't cancel either the original or the doubled subscription. I still get the advertisements. I stopped receiving shipment notifications.

Please respond."

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Running aground on an iceberg defect today.

new word....


That's your Google skills Batman.

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Wine makes coding on the weekend better.
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