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Tienie de Coning
life is a journey, where are you going?
life is a journey, where are you going?


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Back in the saddle with Peppermint 8
Tonight I set up a dual boot between Windows 10 and Peppermint 8 on my Lenovo i3 laptop. Peppermint 8 ran butter smooth when I booted it from a flash drive and I must say that I am very impressed with it. Don't have as much time as I used to for Linux exper...

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am on a MissionI
am a Jesus Child Belvedere:
Hello Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo:
Hello Belvedere. Belvedere:
(humming) I am on a mission. Jo-Jo:
What's up? Belvedere:
Its bubbling up inside of me. Jo-Jo:
Did you have something bad to eat, Belvedere? Belvedere:
No. Jo-Jo:...

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Music Mondays
Music Mondays returns with a song from one of my favourite bands. Third day brings their mix of Christian Rock with a worship theme.  When was the last time that you asked God if you were on the right path? If you were headed in the right direction? We have...

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Take a look at My Game Collection. The most popular game, hardware, amiibo & skylanders collection tracker on Android:

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This is Peaches :)

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Introducing: Music Mondays
YouTube can be a giant waste of time, but there are also some awesome music videos to be seen. Music is one of the most powerful forces you can encounter. It has the power to help lighten your mood and can give you a new perspective on a situation. In Acts ...

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Money - Part 6
I love quotes, one liners, call them what you like. The quotes here have been collected by pastor Croft
M. Pentz, from a book he compiled called: “The complete book of Zingers”. Printed by
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton Illinois. He spend years
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