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Okie..random question time: If I have 30 pills that I need to take " 1 four times daily" but in fact take 3 or 4 at a time how many am I supposed to have at the end?
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+Christopher Churchill 

Google Translate Says: "Information for relatives in Poland before yesterday left us Alice Krause lived in Canada - Vancouwer" "

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Alicja Anna

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Aaaannnnddd I didn't forget about you +Mark Thorpe is some help :))) I hope you're proud of me, I broke a tooth listening to this...loveliness.
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That is a great fucking comeback, nicely done ;)
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November 11 is Remembrance Day (Canada) and Veteran's Day (USA) and while it doesn't seem enough please remember to say a heartfelt Thank You to those who still serve. Personally I think it's shameful the way we treat our war heroes and yes I get that politics and personal beliefs always do get in the way.But surely ONE day isn't too much to smile and salute that stranger is it? To buy them a cup of coffee, to carry their groceries or to just show interest? Thankfully there are a lot of businesses in the US that agree and have posted a ton of freebies, please pass this on and take advantage of this, because sometimes the simplest gestures mean the most.Thank you to ALL the Vets, past and present, Canadian and American, women and men.Courageous and brave, they sacrifice so much for us....their marriages, their children's births, their first steps, graduations, birthdays, family celebrations,everything great and mundane that we take for granted.Thanks also to the companies and businesses who are doing it right this Vet/Rem. Day!!

#remembranceday #november11 #veteransday2013 #veteransday #canada #cenotaph  
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Alicja Anna

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People who are incapable of answering a YES or NO question....choosing instead to unleash 4 minutes of time wasting verbal diarrhea while  ALL I need to know is one..simple...answer....
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Speaking of St. Patrick's Day, there are no words for "yes" or "no" in Irish.  I don't think Alicja would fair well in Ireland, eh?
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Alicja Anna

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Crossbow Enthusiasts
You like to fire a bolt? Want to discuss legislation or share videos where you hit or spectacularly miss your target? Here's where.
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Hey guys check this out, +The Flaying have made this available to us on YouTube, an indie horror, the location and main creature look amazing, can't wait to see this finally!!! Thanks to +The Flaying , but please post the correct link.
#theflaying #horrormovies #horrorfilms  
Main location of The Flaying. An abandoned castle in the middle of nowhere. Watch the full movie with english subtitles, now on YouTube!
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Awesome,thank you +The Flaying ! Happy Halloween!
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Alicja Anna

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And it takes a LOT to do that!
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Hey +Gio Ras here is that amazing free stream I was mentioning, so get yer circlet and bodice on ya sassy wench! Sorry it took me a while.

#freelegalmusic #medievalhistory #ancientmusic #rennaissance  
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How do you show an Elmer Fudd laugh, I've been racking my brain and can't quite come up with anything appropriate for the great ones laugh. Any ideas Mr. Fudd? 
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Alicja Anna

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Baby needs a laydown.....zzzzzzzzzzzz so because I  Iuv you guys here are some free nudie magz downloads...and loads and loadzzzzz..g'nite for now ♥ ssssshhhhhh
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+Alicja Anna Perhaps one of those downloads is you? Too bad it's just a BULLSHIT advertisement!
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This is for all the lonely people  .....

For those of us who live inside our heads, who know the name of the horse with no name...who don't need to be cruising down the empty highway to feel the warm breeze on their neck and the sunshine in their hair.My soul needs this now.Thank god for good music, thank god  for dreams and sweet memories of the innocence of days gone by....even if they are only imagined.....♥♥♥
#america #greatmusichasthepowertomakeyoudreamandhope #fullalbums #70smusic  
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Led Zeppelin were awesome. Jimmy Page, what a guitarist!!!  Eric Clapton and
Cream and Canned Heat. Now, that's what I call music guys, and real talent that
will stand the test of time. I bet kiddies crap like One Direction will barely be known
in ten years, let alone 50 years time like those seventies guys.
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This brilliant gem by Mel Brooks needs to be shared!
Young Frankenstein starring the equally brilliant #genewilder   #martyfeldman and #terigarr and her knockers.I watch this every #halloween No need to download, just press play and enjoy, there are also a few b&w classic films as well, all legal to watch :) Why does it feel like Friday to me today??
#freebies #freemovies #comedy  
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love it...another thing we have in common...Abi-nomal
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Welcome to your nightmare...
MY profile.MY thoughts.MY rules.

Welcome to my digital diary.I don't believe in political correctness, I don't follow trends, I am here to be random and say what ever is on my mind.I'm not here to explain, justify or soothe your bruised and offended ego.I don't always make sense but I ALWAYS make sense to myself.
I swear a fucking lot.I can't stand cheesy love quotes, weepy poetry and people who add me for no reason only to never interact with me.My passions are far too many to list.I cry at beauty and I cry at sadness.An 80's girl living in a 90's world.I make mistakes every day.I like to push and sometimes be pushed.

Bragging rights
Some days I actually want to live.On those days I still care about shoes...
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